Oral Questions – 3 July 2018

Questions to Ministers

  1. SIMON BRIDGES?to the?Prime Minister:?Does he stand by all of his Government?s policies and actions?
  2. TAMATI COFFEY?to the?Minister of Finance:?What reactions has he seen to the Government?s Families Package?
  3. AMY ADAMS?to the?Minister of Finance:?Does he stand by all of his statements, policies, and actions?? ?
  4. NIKKI KAYE?to the?Minister of Education:?Does he stand by his statement that ?Education is too important to be left to politicians?; if so, is he confident that he is listening to all of the voices in the education sector?
  5. MARJA LUBECK?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?What recent reports has he seen on the increasing number of New Zealand families locked out of home ownership?
  6. SIMON O’CONNOR?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?Does he stand by his statement in relation to KiwiBuild that the Government will build ?high quality, modest, affordable starter homes??
  7. JAMI-LEE ROSS?to the?Minister of Health:?When was he first told of the Beattie Varley review into audit matters at the Counties Manukau District Health Board, and what action, if any, did he take when those audit matters were raised with him?
  8. Dr LIZ CRAIG?to the?Minister of Education:?What action is the coalition Government taking to address cost barriers faced for New Zealanders studying medicine, dentistry, optometry, or veterinary science?
  9. AMY ADAMS?to the?Associate Minister of Finance:?Does he believe all his conduct in respect of the proposed exemption for the Te Arai property development from the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill meets the standards expected of a Minister?
  10. Dr NICK SMITH?to the?Minister of Justice:?How is his Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill enabling a member of Parliament to be dismissed consistent with section 23 of the Parliamentary Privilege Act 2014, that states, ?(1) The House has no power to make a member?s seat become vacant by expelling the member (whether to discipline or punish the member, to protect the House by removing an unfit member, or for any reason or purpose) from membership of the House?, and ?(2) Subsection (1) overrides any law to the contrary??
  11. PRIYANCA RADHAKRISHNAN?to the?Minister for Social Development:?Will there be a social impact from the Families Package measures that came into effect on 1 July; if so, what would it be?
  12. Hon DAVID BENNETT?to the?Minister of Corrections:?Does he stand by all his statements and actions?