Over two million ‘terrorists’ in New Zealand

According to the definition applied by Turkish authorities over half of our Kiwi population would be considered terrorists and charged with ‘Christianization’ if we shared our faith in Turkey because so many of us identify as Christian.

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An American pastor, Andrew Brunson, who has lived and served in a small evangelical Presbyterian congregation in Turkey for over 22 years, was jailed in October 2016, accused of “membership in an armed terrorist organization.” Quote.

“Brunson was charged with terrorism (including “Christianization”) and espionage, which carry a sentence of up to 35 years’ imprisonment. According to the lengthy indictment, the pastor is linked to the movement of Fethullah G?len — an Islamic cleric who has lived in self-exile in the United States for three decades ? and whom the Turkish government accuses of plotting the failed coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in July 2016.” End of quote.

Pro-government Turkish media have demonised Brunson as a “terrorist supporter” and a “spy” hostile to Turkey.

The vice chair of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, Kristina Arriaga, attended Brunson’s third hearing in Aliaga, Turkey saying: Quote.

?The government of Turkey continues to make a mockery of justice in its treatment of Pastor Brunson”

“For nearly two hours during the hearing, former church members testified against Pastor Brunson, making vague, unsubstantiated accusations. When the judge asked Brunson to reply to the witnesses, he said: “My faith teaches me to forgive, so I forgive those who testified against me.” Only one witness from the defense was allowed to testify.” End of quote.

Brunson was not released, his fourth hearing is scheduled for October 12th. Supposedly Erdogan is using Brunson’s detention as a bargaining chip to seek the extradition of his ally-turned-foe, G?len, in exchange for the pastor’s freedom.

Muslim against Muslim, Muslim against Christian, it’s all the same. If a Muslim controls a public authority, that community will be forced to comply with whatever interpretation that Muslim sect applies in deciding who is a believer and who is an infidel, and what happens to them as a result.

Perhaps Brunson can count himself lucky that his head is still attached to his body since beheading is the penalty for an infidel.

Imagine if Muslins controlled our local, or heaven forbid, national government?

We’ve already seen the Auckland Muslim community put pressure on local and national government and succeed in banning public speakers critical of Islam.

During Brexit discussions, London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan Khan pressured Theresa May into accepting more migrants. Khan also shocked Britain when he let slip, speaking in the context of London’s pollution, his predicted population growth for London. Quote.

You better remember that our population is rising, it is currently 8.5 million, by 2020 it will be 9 million and by 2030 10 million.”? End of quote.

Immigration combined with a higher than average Muslim birth rate causes exponential population growth everywhere in the world.

Democracy is the Trojan horse through which Islam is conquering the west. We only have to look at areas in British and European cities with high Muslim populations demanding sharia law.

Recently I asked a New Zealander home from a number of years working for a Christian mission in Tanzania if he was worried about Islamic persecution of local Christians there. He was surprised at my question, answering no, communities are a mix of Christian and Muslim and, of course, he said he had Muslim friends.

On an individual level, Christianity and Islam are compatible, but only with tolerant authorities.? Tanzania has a pro-Christian government and Christianity is tolerant of other faiths where Islam is not.

It’s one thing, as Christian’s, to “love our neighbour” but quite another to deal with the Islamic hatred of a religion which more than half of us support. What do we do?

Should we demand integration and allegiance from prospective Muslim immigrants, and how would we achieve it?

What about the existing enclaves of Muslims in our communities who won’t integrate because it means denying their Islamic faith?

Should we identify militants by scrutinising what is taught in mosques and Muslim schools, remembering that freedom of speech applies to all of us?

The smart countries today are the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland which are the only European nations who recognise the threat to their democracies of the Muslim tide surging into Europe. The European Union began legal action against them last June for not taking their quota of immigrants.

Keeping Islam out is only half the answer. The other half is what to do with existing Muslim communities who refuse to integrate.? Our local Christian churches could intervene and teach them the fundamentals of love and tolerance, which is where we got ours from, but they would have to get past the local Imans first.

Unless things change it is only a matter of time before Muslims become a majority and are able to enforce their own version of the law.

It may already be too late to take our heads out of the sand to address these issues.