Phil Goff and the truth appear to be complete strangers

Auckland Mayor and enforcer of the Hecklers’ Veto, Phil ‘gutless’ Goff

It looks like Phil Goff and the truth are complete strangers.

If you will recall, Phil Goff made claims that he had sacked a leaker from his office.

David Farrar has been digging and found that Goff’s claims are so far from the truth they should be called for what they are… lies: Quote:

I?ve been looking into this, and have now seen several documents that conclusively back up the former staffer, and disprove Goff?s claims.

The documents I have seen are:

  1. A redundancy form for the employee in question with a termination date of 31 October 2016
  2. A departure form for the employee in question which states redundancy as the reason for leaving
  3. A letter from the Chief of Staff dated 6 October 2016 (dated two days before the election) that states the employee will finish work on 31 October 2016 and acknowledging that if Goff wins the employee will make himself available for a couple of weeks until 31 October
  4. A final pay slip showing redundancy termination payment

So there is absolutely no doubt that the staffer was not ?removed? by Goff, as Goff claimed. The staffer was on a contract that expired with the former Mayor. He agreed to help out for two weeks if Goff won, and did so. He left as scheduled on 31 October, which is the date that had been agreed before Goff was Mayor. End quote.

Something needs to be done about Phil Goff. He has made this whole story up, he’s acting like a despot, suppressing free speech and, worst of all, instead of trying to rein in spending because the council has reached its debt limit, he is trying to find other ways to tax Aucklanders.

Perhaps Helen Clark would be better as mayor. There are certainly rumours floating around that the old snaggle-tooth is looking for something to do.