PPPP: Public private political parenting

Credit: Jacinda Ardern/Facebook

We have a new acronym to add to the vernacular, PPPP:?public-private political parenting.

This is what I’m calling the purposely paraded progeny photo-op that was used to push the political proclivities of the progeny’s parents.

Do they want publicity?? Do they want privacy?? You could forgive us for being perplexed.

From the announcement of her pregnancy on social media to answering questions from journalists on the steps of their Point Chevalier home, Jacinda and Clarke have given mixed messages about their personal privacy. Asking for privacy in one breath, while in the next, releasing some news story or other that keeps their private life in our faces.

A cynical person could be forgiven for thinking that the baby is being used to elicit the maximum political benefit possible.

From the Stuff article from June 5th: quote:

“While the couple are happy to share with the public some moments with their new baby they ask that media respect the family’s privacy in the weeks set aside to be together after the birth, and during private family moments,” a statement from the prime minister’s office said.? End of quote.

Based on that statement, anyone as na?ve as me would have expected that we would not hear anything at all from the Ardern-Gayford household for the next six weeks, while the new Mum and Dad quietly and privately bonded with their daughter. It?s a perfectly reasonable request, which most of us fully understood and respected.? To be perfectly honest, I was looking forward to some peace and quiet from stories of baby-belly touching and choosing baby names.? I’ve been sick to death of it all for quite a few months now.

No such luck. This afternoon, the leading story on Stuff is Ms Ardern posting a video message on Facebook, whilst cuddling the baby, to launch the Families package that kicked off today.? Quote:

The prime minister celebrated the launch of her long-promised families’ package with a message from her couch – baby Neve in arms.
Going live on her Facebook page, Jacinda Ardern made her first public comments since she and partner Clarke Gayford left Auckland Hospital following the birth of their first child, Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford.? End of quote.

So the new Mum who wanted her privacy respected has posted a video of herself with the baby to promote the launch of the new Families package.

I?m almost deaf from the screaming. No, not the baby, she was well behaved, it is the screaming hypocrisy of it.

Asking for privacy, and then when it suits, going public with what can only be described as a blatant ploy to push her political agenda. Why else would she be cradling the baby for the video? ?Let baby sleep peacefully in her crib away from the media, if it really is so imperative that you deliver an address to the nation on a matter of such importance.

It smacks of someone desperately trying to stay relevant and not be forgotten.