Racism for Dummies

Credit: Whaleoil

So many left-wing politicians and other assorted activists and commentators accuse people of racism these days when they can’t counter their arguments. This simple guide is to assist them in correctly identifying ‘true racists’


  • You cannot tell that a person is racist just by looking at them.
  • White skin does not mean that a person is a racist.
  • Brown or black skin does not mean that a person is not a racist.

Marama Davis and Golriz Ghahraman

  • Having well thought out and fact-based arguments does not make a person racist.
  • Valuing and wanting to protect one’s own culture and traditions and values does not make a person racist.
  • Criticising another culture’s values and ideas does not make a person racist.
  • Wanting to select immigrants based on their compatibility with the host country’s values and culture is not racist.
  • Wanting a country’s borders protected is not racist.

Lauren Southern

  • A ‘true racist’ wants their race or another race given special privileges and rights over and above what other races and cultures have in the same country.
  • They think that another race is inferior or not as important and should not enjoy the exact same equal rights and privileges as everyone else.
  • These kinds of racists will either be upfront with their views or will cloak their racism by using words like ‘victim’? ‘minority,’ ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ to hide their racist agenda

Julie Anne Genter