Reflections on Trump

A guest post.

I don?t much like President Donald J. Trump. He doesn?t seem to be a very likable bloke. ?But who cares?? What I think of him is of zero merit or consequence.? Many Americans dislike him too.? That is of some consequence.? More importantly though, they are not letting their personal animus get in the way of determining whether he is doing the job they elected him to do.? His support base is shrewd enough to know ?liking? isn?t a prerequisite for the man to achieve what they and he want for America.

The funny thing is that Trump, himself, doesn?t give a rat?s behind what people think of him, personally.? In fact, he rather enjoys getting all the media?s venomous slings and arrows shot his way because, while they are wetting their knickers over his escapades with Stormy, or walking in front of her Majesty, or firing Comey, he is getting on with making America great again.??

Never before has that old saying ?when you are up to your arse in alligators it?s hard to remember you are there to drain the swamp? had more relevance.

He doesn?t need to be President. He could make more money building Trump Towers. He doesn?t care for insincere adulation.? He can?t be bothered with popularity and ratings.? He has a job to do and he?s doing it.? He isn?t fussed about wandering around among lines of strangely dressed old men holding spears outside Windsor castle ? he has got work to do and limited time to do it.? He does not listen to precious, nitpicking bureaucrats spewing because he cannot be bothered with diplomatic niceties.? Trump had a message for the Europeans ? ?pull your weight, you toe-licking socialists?.? He had watched previous Presidents fawn and bow and get zero results.? Time to call it for what it was.

He isn?t a ?political? politician.? He is a businessman, in a hurry to fix what is wrong.? He does it his way and it is working for him.? He does it despite the media throwing every conceivable septic barb his way.? He does it despite the Democrats going insanely overboard with vitriol and childish truculence.? He does it despite his own weak and vacillating Republican party mostly being half hearted and unsupportive.? He does it despite some of his choices for senior roles deserting him when they feel the fire. He endures.? He remains fixated on his goals.? He stays true to his voters.

Pause for a moment and think of all the threats and predictions of gloom and doom that followed the election of Trump and that have stalked him since.? They said the Russians got him elected and he will be impeached.? SJW?s, celebrities, who were going to leave the USA.? Missiles from North Korea raining down on New York.? The economy would collapse.? Democracy was going to end.? Liberty was in danger.? The First Amendment was under threat.? The apocalypse was imminent.?? All howling at the moon.

Arrogant upstarts like Baldwin, Maher, Kimmel, Colbert, armed with pathetic, churlish barbs and canned giggling have tried, to no avail, to undermine what democracy legitimately put in place.? They simply refuse to see reality ? Trump?s rankings keep rising, his success knows no bounds.

So what are the achievements so far for President Trump?

Depending on whether you are a conservative or a liberal his most notable and enduring legacy will be his appointments to the Supreme Court.? He may make three changes at least in his presidency and each is likely to contribute to highly controversial and consequential decisions.? However Trump has been true to his promise to the voters and appointed one and nominated another conservative.? Already the left has launched an hysterical poison campaign against nominee Kavanaugh, and sadly, for democracy and proper process, worse is coming.

Another major successful effort has been ?draining the swamp?.? His roll-back of laws and regulations has been phenomenal. ?He has a hit rate of killing 22 old regulations for each new one introduced.? Beltway jobs are down by 16,000 and falling.? The EPA has been transformed by Pruitt and now his successor is ploughing on cutting green tape, restoring landowner rights, cranking up mineral and oil exploration and ignoring the hysteria from the warmists.

The economy is flying.? Jobs are up especially for blacks and Hispanics.? For the first time in 50 years debt to GDP is down.? Taxes have been cut.? Business profits are up and so is confidence.? Investment is up a whopping 39%.? Official growth could be over 5% in this quarter ? it takes us two years to do that and we think we are crack hot.? New jobs created are close to 1,200,000 since Trump took over ? 313,000 in Feb alone.? Home sales and home construction have hit 12 year high.? Mining and oil exploration has increased nearly 30% – an unheard of rise.? Food stamp use has dropped every month since Trump took office.? Should we explain how capitalism works to Ardern so she can attack poverty here?? Government spending as a percentage of GDP is down and Americans cannot remember since that happened last. There is a host of other data on the economy that will write Trump into history as the President who made the American economy great again.

Whether Trump?s bold initiatives on trade work we shall see.? In theory they will backfire but just maybe he will pull off a miracle.? The Europeans have capitulated in part but China and Canada are digging in.??? So far little damage has been done and the President?s supporters are ecstatic especially over the shafting of China.? At least for now, the trade deficit of decades in the making is down.

On foreign policy Trump defies the odds and pursues his agenda with relentless courage and success.? He has blitzed the UN, put the embassy in Jerusalem, killed the useless Paris accord, slowed down immigration especially from Mexico, walked all over North Korea, slowed down ISIS, told Europe to pull their sox up and pay their fair share in NATO, whacked Merkel for falling prey to Russia over gas purchases when the USA could have cut them a deal, addressed the problem of Iran with new initiatives, halted aid to the Palestinians that was being used for assaults on Israel, and a great deal more. ??He acts like a boss and he pulls it off.

There is simply too much to record in a brief article because many of the President?s actions are in areas that seem less relevant but are, in truth, having huge benefits for affected parties.? For example, Obama did nothing, despite being warned, about the Thailand sex trafficking business where literally hundreds of young Thai girls were lured into the US and kept as slaves in prostitution rings against their will by threats against their families back in Thailand. Trump ordered it stopped. No media covered the actions. Not a major but for those involved a humane and noble action.

President Trump has restored pride in the Veterans and improved their health and living conditions. He is rebuilding the military. He is tackling Obamacare bit by bit. He has reversed the gender access changes introduced by Obama that let deranged males use female locker rooms and bathrooms.? He has cracked down on M-13 gangs in Central America who push drugs into the US.? He has tightened IP laws slowing theft of US companies’ initiatives and ideas.? He has got alongside American businesses seeking and fixing obstructions.? He has ended ?catch and release? of illegal immigrants.? He makes our ?let?s do this? look like slow death.

With mid-term elections coming soon what a smack in the face for the leftie media it will be when Trump leads the Republicans to a stunning victory.? The President is out on the stump armed with a volley of tweets and American rank and file love it.? As for the academics, the celeb?s, the late nights hosts, the CNN fake news generators, the beltway leeches – they are getting ignored and it hurts.

Sadly, most New Zealanders think President Trump is a clown, a failure, a sex maniac or worse. They get fed trivial junk by our media on relationships, on whether Melanie is holding his hand or whether Ivanka wore an appropriate dress in Jerusalem or any other pathetically inane drivel.

Meanwhile the leader of the Western world sails on, imperiously and ruthlessly making his nation a better place for her people.