Regional fuel tax, fuel tax increase & the ‘Beth Houlbrooke targeted rate’

The Rodney ratepayers have been completely rinsed by their local board. The local board was so hell-bent on introducing the ‘Beth Houlbrooke targeted rate’ for transport they continued to push for it even when Labour introduced their new taxes.

The sensible thing for Beth Houlbrooke to do would have been drop the targeted rate when the fuel taxes were introduced.??

Instead, she was ideologically wedded to taking more money from Rodney ratepayers to pay for basic services that should have been covered in general rates anyway. Rodney residents are now paying 25c a litre more on their fuel AND paying the targeted rate.

The Rodney First ticket?s political antennae must be seriously wonky. They had the perfect opportunity to back down on the targeted rate, saying that it was not needed following the fuel tax increase and regional fuel tax introduction, but instead they clung on to their targeted rate.

Next year is stacking up to be a massive donnybrook, where ratepayers might just rinse those local board members who keep on taxing them and put in place some board members who will not suck up to the mayor.