Right-wing heroine Lauren Southern coming to NZ

Dieuwe de Boer


When:?Friday 3rd August, at 8pm.

Where:?Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland

Who:?Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux

Tickets:?$79,?on sale now. Quote:

Axiomatic is proud to bring Alt Media commentators and conservative activists Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern to New Zealand for a free speech evening of stories, opinions, inspiration and Q&A. End quote.

Lauren Southern has been instrumental in making the mocking of feminism mainstream and?leading a resurgence in traditional conservative beliefs among young people. She is well-known for showing the insanity of the transgender agenda by making the Canadian government legally recognise her as a man. She helped to expose the European migrant boats as human traffickers. She was banned from the UK for violating sharia law and showing the hypocrisy of the LGBTQWERTY+Islam “alliance”. Most recently, she has been shining a spotlight on the racially motivated farm murders in South Africa.

General admission tickets are $79.?Various other, and more pricey, options like early entry ($99), meet and greet ($199), VIP ($499), and dinner ($749) are available. Everything is a “two for one” deal where you get to listen to or interact with both Lauren and Stefan.

There is also a special screening of the Farmlands documentary available for $15, but it is?free to watch on Youtube right now. Quote:

Lauren Southern is a Canadian journalist, political activist, documentary filmmaker and best-selling author. She is well known for her commentary on feminism, free speech, and immigration. ?Whether it?s the riots in Berkeley, Slut Walk in LA, Black Lives Matter uprising in Milwaukee, and most recently the farm murders in South Africa.

In 2015 Lauren ran as a Libertarian Party candidate in the Canadian federal election. Soon after, she was hired by Rebel Media, where she worked until March 2017. Since then, she has been working independently through her YouTube channel which has over a half million followers. Known for her fearless reporting, she tackles stories that the mainstream media refuses to cover. ?She is a lover of freedom and hedgehogs. End quote.?

Australian news,?echoed?by the NZ MSM, has called her “racist” for?distributing leaflets as part of a social experiment in the United Kingdom that said, “Allah is a gay god.”

Radio Tarana in NZ, along with a Labour MP, have called for Lauren?Southern?to be denied entry to New Zealand?for “hate speech” and “white supremacy”.

If you live in the Auckland area, do buy some tickets and come along for this unique experience to hear both Lauren and Stefan live on August 3rd.