Right wing politicians must challenge NZ Media

RadioLive host Wendyl Nissen

It?s hilarious that New Zealand media commentators claim no knowledge of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux (and likewise Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Joseph Watson) yet they all know that they are ?controversial and Alt or Far Right? which is just their code for ?Fascist.?

The mainstream media also quickly tar these unknown speakers with the anti-Semite label ? yet the media?s support of so-called Palestinians over Israel is so rabid, they have depowered this slander.

They often add ‘homophobic’ and ‘racist’ for added insults as well, which considering that some of their targets are Jewish and or gay and married to persons of colour it just illustrates again how ignorant they are.

The Left and the media?s tactic in New Zealand is, we?ll ignore them and marginalise them via labelling and we will de- platform them and they?ll go away.

A few years back conservative ‘provocateurs’ who bypassed the mainstream media by using the internet to reach their audience were said to be working in ‘alternative media’?and hence were labelled?’Alt-Right.’

The on-line Alt-Right produced content and funny memes that helped Trump win said the Left so they must be destroyed.

Since then the Left and the mainstream media have successfully conflated Alt Right and Far Right in the public?s mind which tells me that the media is well aware of the challenge the conservative voice in the Alternative media represents?and have been working hard to nip it in the bud. The New Zealand media will be well aware of YouTube and Twitters activism in this area.

New Zealand politicians need to recognize the challenge that the New Zealand media represents and push back. It will never be their friend so they need to call them out and bypass them if necessary. It’s worked elsewhere. Alternative media commentator and ‘provocateur’ Milo Yiannopoulos, for example, influenced countless numbers of his followers to vote for Trump and President Trump has used social media to send his message directly to voters.

If the right of centre commentators and politicians would brand Lauren Southern and Jordan Peterson’s message ?as Alt or New media they could safely distance themselves if required and would avoid buying into the Left?s negative labelling of all things ?Right.? Labelling these conservative voices as New media would also remind the public that the old mainstream media is no longer an independent arbiter of correct thought. ?Play the Left’s labelling game back at them: make free speech a media issue

Ask why ?Southern?s Farmlands documentary isn?t considered investigative journalism and why the questions she raises cannot be debated openly in New Zealand.

Ask the New Zealand media how Farmlands is wrong and why the New Zealand media is ignoring the latest developments in South Africa, a country we have a long-standing relationship with.

Ask if TVNZ could put it on Air.

Make them talk about it because you know they don?t want to.

Instead of doing this,?currently, our New Zealand politicians are playing by the Left’s rules and are claiming no knowledge of Lauren Southern. However, to ensure that their Politically Correct? credentials are still intact they have labelled her and Stefan Molyneux ‘nutters.’

It?s not so funny if New Zealand politicians from the Right are genuine in their claimed ignorance of the conservative ‘Alt media’ message as it reveals how lazy and out of touch they are regarding the culture and trends? on their side of politics.

Perhaps this explains why no populist Right of centre politician has yet appeared in New Zealand, and why I think National?s leadership approval will drop and ACT lacks traction.

If they are only getting their news and views from New Zealand?s media that is truly frightening.

New media?hence the New Right label: this terminology ties in with the emergent Eastern European style of conservative populist politicians. This is a growing trend so it is likely that it will be the next term that the Left will target as being another name for Fascists.

As with their overuse of the anti-Semite slur, if they keep labelling everything on the Right as Fascist it will also lose its power.