Sadiq Khan shows Phil Goff how a mayor is supposed to support free speech

This was an interesting discussion between Sadiq Khan and Piers Morgan over the baby blimp. It is interesting from the point of view of the current discussion regarding Phil Goff’s actions.

I don’t agree with Sadiq Khan on almost anything, but on this he is right. It is a shame Phil Goff can’t see what Sadiq Khan can: Quote:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has come under fire for his approval of a blimp featuring US President Donald Trump dressed as a baby.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan challenged Mr Khan over the decision, suggesting the mayor had approved of the blimp due to personal animosity towards the US President, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Morgan asked if Mr Khan would have approved a large black blimp featuring former US President Barack Obama, or an image depicting the London mayor as a pig – something which would offend his Muslim faith.

“My views are irrelevant. The issue is ‘Do they have freedom to protest, freedom to assemble and should they be allowed to do so? If it’s peaceful and it’s safe, they should,” Mr Khan responded.

“Look – I can’t be the censor. It’s not for me to decide what’s in good taste or bad taste.”

The six-metre high blimp, dubbed ‘Trump Baby’, has been granted permission to fly above Parliament Square for two hours on Friday morning. End quote.

Piers Morgan was being a dick, but then again he’s almost always a dickhead. Sadiq Khan is a fool but on this issue he is right. Phil Goff should have a good listen instead of trying to smear people holding him to account for his political decisions and shabby treatment of people’s rights.