Sajid Javid a reluctant hero as faith in Britain’s law deteriorates

Caption: One of these men acknowledges the grim truth of Muslim rape gangs and has the power to act. The other denies a problem even exists

It may sometimes seem as if the horror of the industrial-scale rape of non-Muslim girls by gangs of British Pakistani Muslim men is somehow a historic crime, like the past sexual abuse of children within the churches. The truth is that not only were many of these crimes very recent (in the last decade) but they are still happening.?British politicians are still choosing to deliberately ignore the monstrous crimes they know are happening. Quote:

In response to Britain’s ongoing sexual grooming scandal, a group of 20 MPs signed an open letter to recently appointed Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, urging coordinated action.

As the UK Parliament has 650 MPs, the 20 signatories constitute a mere 3% willing to support the protection of children subjected to gang-rape, trafficking and torture, and at times murder. Such a paltry number of politicians willing to speak out against child sexual slavery seems yet more evidence of the moral bankruptcy of Britain’s political elite and how low the country appears to have sunk. End of quote.

Jeremy Corbyn?s Labour party studiously ignored the growing open anti-Semitism in its ranks. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn openly denies that there is a problem with Muslim child-rape gangs. Star Labour MP Naz Shah repeated the claim that the victims of Muslim rape gangs should shut up ?for the good of diversity?. Any Labor MP brave enough to dissent is swiftly punished. Quote:

A key signatory of the letter, Rotherham MP Sarah Champion?was forced from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party front bench in 2017 for speaking openly about the prevalence of “British Pakistani men” in this type of child sexual exploitation. Given that Sajid Javid, then Communities Secretary, spoke in support of Champion, it is perhaps intentional that this letter was addressed to him in his new role as Britain’s first Muslim Home Secretary. End of quote.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid at least spoke in Campion?s defence, accusing Corbyn of ?stifling debate? on the rape of British children and its ?racial motivation?. Quote:

Javid’s Muslim faith and Pakistani heritage place him in an untouchable position regarding accusations of racism or bigotry, should he?now continue to say what needs to be said and act effectively – in ways many other politicians could not – without being pilloried by the UK’s largely left-leaning media. End of quote.

Javid could, in fact, seize the moment and set an exemplary model for Britain?s politicians. As Home Secretary, Javid is responsible for policing in Britain. A serious response to the grooming gangs must also include recognising the true nature of the problem, and: Quote:

uprooting what is beginning to look alarmingly like a nationwide organised-crime network?The reality of this nationwide sexual exploitation is that it is evolving towards being a mafia-like “terrorist network”. Children are transported?around the country to be abused in pre-arranged locations, and this trade interfaces with illicit drug dealing and other criminal activity. “Grooming” would be better termed the “child sexual-slave trade”. End of quote.

This child sexual-slavery is a festering sore in Britain?s national psyche. Refusal to take meaningful action from British authorities risks frustrated citizens turning vigilantes. There have already been instances of local communities forming mobs to drive out known offenders. The perpetrator of an anti-Islamic terror attack in London was motivated by outrage at the rape gangs. Quote:

Thus far, the response to this national disgrace has been painfully slow and low-profile. There have been a few prosecutions of major perpetrators, but many may never be brought to justice. Thousands of the victims have been denied compensation or health and social assistance; and there have been no prosecutions of culpable officials. Police misconduct proceedings have as yet yielded no results — despite the accusation, reported as far back as 2015, of an officer having sex with abuse victims. The only “punishments” delivered have been the retraining of a single Crown Prosecution lawyer and the stepping-down of some Rotherham city councillors. End of quote.

British authorities openly conceded that they refuse to act because they are terrified of a ?backlash?. But non-Muslim Britain has been astonishingly quiescent – to date. The longer there is no rigorous and concerted action by the authorities against these Muslim child-rape gangs, the more that faith in Britain?s institutions and laws will deteriorate. The less the wider community will trust minorities. By trying to avoid a backlash by pretending nothing is going on, the worse the inevitable backlash will be.