Shane Jones tells hapu to shove their statue right up their nono

Shane Jones is on fire, giving it to the hapu who want millions to build a massive edifice: Quote:

NZ First MP Shane?Jones has savaged a proposal for a giant statue of?Papat??nuku?at Bastion Point, saying it is laughable Aucklanders?are forking out for the work.?

Auckland Council has earmarked $1 million in its budget for the project, but Ng?ti Wh?tua ?rakei?spokesman Ngarimu Blair said the idea was unformed and it was?”early days”.


Stuff?understands the idea for the?statue, or pou, has been under discussion for 18 months by the?Ng?ti?Wh?tua??rakei?Reserves Board, which is chaired by the?iwi, includes Auckland councillor?Desley??Simpson?and?co-manages the Bastion Point land.

But Jones, who is also Regional Economic Development Minister and Associate Finance Minister,?ripped into the idea during an interview with?Stuff?on Monday.

The notion that the ratepayers of Auckland should?foot the costs for this cultural mimicry promoted by the??r?kei?hap? is risible,” Jones said.

We need to bear in mind that the Maoris up at??r?kei do not have an exclusive?rights to promote a statue in the form of the earth goddess on behalf of anyone other than themselves.

If they want it for themselves then they should spend their own money and not misrepresent the broader Maori community that a statue, in the form of Christ the Redeemer out of Brazil, is an appropriate expression of Maori identity, or indeed New Zealand identity.”

Jones said he was speaking out on the proposal?because “significant numbers of M?ori”?? both Auckland ratepayers and those from the north?? were aghast?at the?proposal, which Jones said had?been put up “in the form of a?cultural?hot air balloon?without any consultation, without any mandate and?without a sliver?of support”.

If such a pretentious?gesture is their long-term ambition then pay for it yourselves.


Jones said?he was “astounded” Auckland Council?had?”spare change to give to Maoridom’s richest?hap?”?when the Government was supporting the city council’s ability?to raise money through a regional fuel tax.

“The word?Papat??nuku?means earth goddess, what are?they?thinking erecting some massive planet? I would say to you, culturally speaking,?their?thinking is off the planet,”?Jones?said.

The?proposal needed to be subject to “rigorous?discussion, debate and agreement by all the people who are affiliated to Auckland”,?he said.

Now, if they want to provide leadership on an iconic site, then sort out what sort of tree’s going to go on One Tree Hill,” Jones said.

“And given that?I’m the billion tree man?I’ve got a few options for them.” End quote.

Hard to disagree with Jonesy on this.