Shifty, stupid and thick

Kelvin Davis shows us yet another minister can’t remember simple things, like whether or not he read reports.

He is neck and neck with Clare Curran in the race for the stupidest minister: Quote:

Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis has done a swift backtrack saying he was aware of the latest prison population projections when the government made the Waikeria Prison decision.

Mr Davis had earlier told?Morning Report?he “hadn’t seen the forecasts” when he last month announced the decision to build a 600-bed facility at Waikeria instead of a much bigger one.

New Zealand’s prison population is being forecast to rise by more than 4000 over the next decade, according to a?Ministry of Justice report. That would take the number of inmates to 14,400 by 2027.

The number of prisoners being held on remand – those awaiting trial or being held prior to sentencing – was predicted to almost double over that period to 5400. The report says that’s because of an increase in the length of time people are spending waiting for their case to go to trial.

Mr Davis told?Morning Report?he saw the Justice Ministry report for the first time last night.

“I didn’t personally [know about the forecast] when we made the [Waikeria] announcement,” he said.

But several hours later Mr Davis released a statement which said he meant to say he hadn’t read the public version of the report.

“The decision on the rebuild of Waikeria Prison was made by Cabinet based on the 2017 Justice Sector Projections,” the statement said.

My comments this morning were intended to convey that I simply had not read the public version of the report on the projections, which was published last week. Of course I’ve seen dozens of official reports based on the information in the projections.” End quote.

Oh! So there is a secret version? Not for long. I bet every journalist is hitting the OIA process for that. You just know that it will be a sea of black ink.

This government are proving time and time again that they are unfit for office, blindingly stupid and lazy to boot.

God knows what we pay them for because it appears it sure as hell isn’t for reading reports. Quote:

National leader Simon Bridges said the “perplexing statements” showed Mr Davis wasn’t across his portfolio.

He’s either not telling the truth or he’s simply not up to the job – and sadly, I think the latter is probably the case,” he said.

The government had to explain its plan in light of the fresh forecasts, he said.

Either they have to build more prison beds to keep New Zealanders safe – or they have to soften up the bail, sentencing and parole laws.

Cabinet papers related to the Waikeria decision would be released within the next ten days, Mr Davis said. End quote.

Oh goody. Perhaps he has read what is going to be released.

Davis, like Twyford, won’t be able to deliver on his goals, simply because he has no idea what actually happens in his portfolio. Labour can only meet their targets by implementing catch and release.