Shock revelation: Communist crazy cat lady loves Jacinda

Caption: Sloth love Chunk. Van love Cindy. It’s all much of a muchness (Digital image: Lushington Brady)

Gavin McInnes recently coined the term ‘Auntie-Fas’ to describe the type of far-left female journalists who ?talk like they?re in the Black Panther party in 1963 and use a lot of strange verbiage they got from their Liberal Arts classes.? Australian journalist Tim Blair calls them ‘Frightbats’.

Of course, we have them in Australia too: stinking up newsrooms across the country with the stench of stale patchouli and cat urine. Van Badham is Australia?s queen of the Auntie-Fas. Van describes herself with more leftist cliches than she has chins. Naturally, this leftist crazy cat lady writes for the Guardian. Naturally, she also just LOVES Jacinderella.

Get your barf bags ready, people. Don?t say you weren?t warned. Quote:

Jacinda Ardern?s handheld Facebook Live of herself and her newborn Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford is charming.

New Zealand?s prime minister introduces her new baby with radiant sincerity?Ardern?s public hospital nativity offers a luminous symbolic affirmation of her leadership not just of New Zealand, but of the western electoral left. End of quote.

Ze goggles, as they say, do nuzzink. Quote:

Ardern?s pledge to build ?a kind and equitable nation where children thrive, and success is measured not only by the nation?s GDP but by better lives lived by its people? is the ancient standard of our side. End of quote.

That’s odd. My reading of history shows that totalitarianism, gulags and mass murder is the ancient standard of the left. Quote:

Ardern is the first elected world leader to ever go on maternity leave. Of this, former NZ Labour prime minister Helen Clark noted: ?These are the kinds of practical arrangements working women make the world over ? the novelty here is that it is a prime minister who is making them. End of quote.

Well, yes. That?s kind of the point. Being prime minister is not just any old job. It entails a level of responsibility few other jobs do. Even we cubicle monkeys have to consider how to pass our workload around if we want time off. Pretending that a prime minister can just swan out of the office like any of us shmos is the worst sort of cavalier disregard for the office of leading the nation. Quote:

Observe, also Ardern ? who is Pakeha, not Maori ? meeting the British queen wearing a Kahu huruhuru: a M?ori feathered cloak ?bestowed on chiefs and dignitaries to convey prestige, respect and power?. End of quote.

Isn?t this what your people call ‘cultural appropriation’, Van? If John Key had done the same thing you?d be belting out accusatory columns so fast you?d knock yourself out with your flappy old-lady arms. Quote:

The achievement here is Ardern?s marriage of the old left economic programme with the new explicitness of identity politics. End of quote.

You say that like it?s a good thing. Quote:

Across the world the present, visible reality for women, indigenous people, the LGBTQIA+ community, refugees and so many others is that electoral outcomes represent life and death stakes. End of quote.

Where, exactly? You can gibber these leftist doom-fantasies, but that doesn?t make them true. The places where your women or gay alphabet soup face ?life and death stakes? are places like the Muslim world. And they don?t have elections.

Oh, and Venezuela.