Show us the polls

The left wing are starting to put pressure on Simon Bridges with ‘leaks’ of internal polls.

David Cormack, a Green party attack dog and political lobbyist, is the latest to make such claims. Quote:

And it’s starting to hurt. Labour’s internal polling has Labour three points ahead of National. A fairly big baby bump considering where they have been. But it’s their support parties’ result that is the more startling. Both the Greens and NZ First are at seven per cent each. This gives the Coalition plus Greens a seventeen point lead over the opposition. Even at Labour’s Cunliffe-nadir, there wasn’t a gap of seventeen points between Government and opposition.

Winston as PM has not been the disaster that a lot of people were expecting. He’s performed the role perfectly adequately, while holding the coalition together, and now NZ First is picking up National voters.

Simon’s numbers were pretty terrible too. His favourability has gone into the negatives. This means more people dislike him as leader than like him. It’s got to the point where National front bench Mark Mitchell had to deny that there was any threat to Simon’s position. To have that sort of chatter break out less than five months after taking the role is David Shearer like. And Shearer’s now in South Sudan. End quote.

This is a wonderfully cynical play and exactly what you want your paid hitmen to say about your opponents: ?X is failing, they need to replace him or they can?t win the election.?

The problem is that the numbers put out here are not credible. They are either made up or wrong, because they are so far out of step with all the other polling.

This is a standard Labour play, and good on them for making it, but they need to be held to account. Their polls they leaked before the election said they were 1% behind at the general election when they finished 7.5% behind. Their internal polls claimed they were within 2% of National in the Northcote by-election, and the actual result was a 6.3% margin of victory for National.

If commentators are going to claim Labour have good internal polls then either Labour or the commentators should release their internal polls and prove these numbers. Otherwise they simply cannot be believed.