Sledge of the day

On the weekend Peter Goodfellow unwisely attacked Winston Peters.

Winston fired back at Goodfellow yesterday: Quote:

Peters’ loomed large over the weekend’s National Party conference after party president Peter Goodfellow said National had dodged a “whisky swilling bullet” by not going into government with Peters.

Peters appeared to threaten Goodfellow over the comment, suggesting media ask Goodfellow to repeat it.??

“We’ll see whether?he does or not.

Asked why he thought Goodfellow would not repeat the comments, Peters said he had been emboldened by the fact he had been re-elected.

“I’m astonished he’s still president of the National Party and if he opens his mouth I’ll tell you why.End quote.

One can only imagine what Winston has on Peter Goodfellow.

I’m told that journalists were asking a lot of questions about this.

Let’s see what falls out. Knowing Winston, this has all the hallmarks of not ending well for Peter Goodfellow.