Sledge of the day

After a lengthy parliamentary recess I would have thought that Simon Bridges would have reviewed his performance against Winston Peters and tried a different approach.

It seems he has learned nothing and copped a good spanking while wasting his better colleagues’ supplemantary questions on a forlorn hope.

Winston batted his slow and loopy deliveries away with ease and even smacked Bridges to the boundary a few times. This was the best sledge though:? ?Quote:

Simon Bridges: How can he stand here and defend the policies of Labour and the Greens to soften obligations, remove sanctions, and put more people on welfare, when he clearly doesn’t believe in it himself and his colleagues have actively advocated getting the “nephs” off the couch with sanctions?

WINSTON PETERS: Because the programme that we have advocated, as a Government” about getting the “nephs” off the couch is about providing the work for them in the first place. You can’t get them off the couch if there’s no place to go and work at?that’s the difference. And I’m going to be concerned about Jacinda Ardern calling me shortly and saying I’d better stay here?this job looks too easy. End quote.

That is the political equivalent of patting the puppy on the head and telling him to lie down.

Perhaps if Bridges had spent more time reviewing his poor performance in the house instead of wasting time on elocution lessons, which have clearly failed, he might have performed better.