Sorry Phil, that is just a weasel excuse and explaining is losing

Auckland mayor and enforcer of the Hecklers’ Veto, Phil ‘Gutless’ Goff

Phil Goff thinks he is justified in banning free speech because someone else in Australia had problems exercising their free speech because a bunch of fascist thugs caused some violence. Quote:

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff claims police were braced for disorder if two far-right Canadian speakers were given the green light to appear at a council-owned venue.

Earlier this month, Regional Facilities Auckland cancelled?Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux’s?August 3 booking of the Bruce Mason Centre, citing concerns about “the health and safety of the presenters, staff and patrons”.

Goff says the decision was not his, although?he supported the cancellation, tweeting: “Views that divide rather than unite are repugnant and I have made my views on this very clear”.

Meanwhile, the?Free Speech Coalition, which is supported by figures?across the political spectrum, has raised $90,000 for a potential judicial review of the cancellation.

But Goff on Tuesday doubled-down on his stance and added senior police figures were on his side.

When the decision was made to cancel I met with a couple of the?district commanders at another?function I was at,” he said.

“They said: ‘Thank God you did that, because we?would’ve?had to have been out there in strength, we wouldn’t have known what to anticipate, but we would have anticipated problems’.”?End quote.

Oh, how interesting. The police have thanked Phil Goff for doing something… which he claims he didn’t do. This will be easy to prove, though, because Phil Goff has to name those police officers under the LGOIMA, and impart the precise information they gave, and then those police officers have to do the same under the OIA. We know Phil Goff plays fast and loose with the truth so we shall see if what he says is true.

What is more concerning, if true, is that the police seem to think enforcing the law?? allowing people to speak freely?? is rather too onerous because some rowdies want to stop it. If those police officers did indeed say that then they aren’t fit for purpose and should find another career, since they don’t seem that interested in protecting people’s rights under the Bill of Rights. Instead they seem content to let violent thugs from the left dictate who can and can’t speak. I’ll just bet that Superintendent Karyn Malthus has suggested to the police bigwigs that the new uniform for police has a yellow streak down the spine of their jackets.?Quote:

Auckland City District Commander Superintendent Karyn Malthus said she could not comment on the canned?event.

“Police make operational decisions which may see extra resources utilised to cover particular events?for any number of factors,” she said.

“Each event is different and any operational decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.”

Goff cited two grounds on which a booking could be cancelled. The first was if?danger of injury?or property damage?existed.

I’d looked at?what happened in Australia last December, with Milo?Yiannopoulos?, and there were big issues there?? there were five police officers injured,” Goff said. End quote.

I suspect he is inventing history. Firstly, he says he agreed with a decision by others, then he says police thanked him for HIS decision, and now he is saying that before he tweeted his response to a decision he says he didn’t make (which documents may show otherwise) he took the time to look at events in Melbourne from more than a year ago. If you believe a word Phil Goff is spouting as he seeks to litigate his cock-up in the media, then I have a bridge I can sell you. Quote:

Last year, Melbourne police?accused protesters of “Kardashian-style politics”?after two men were arrested and several police officers injured as violent clashes erupted outside an event hosting Yiannopoulos, a controversial British commentator, who identifies as a member of the self-styled “alt-right”.

Organisers had yet to pay the?$50,000 bill for extra police resources,?The Age?reported on Monday.

“Basically, this category of?people come across [to]?shock and awe?[and] it’s to?deliberately be?provocative,” Goff said.

“So you get?some?people?that?might?be extreme on the?other?side?coming in and the next thing you know you’ve got a?major?public security issue.”?End quote.

So, Goff has caved to the bullies. He’s letting a bunch of anarchists in the form of Auckland Peace Action dictate who can speak in our city.?Quote:

An?Auckland Council agency could also cancel a booking if it had the potential to bring the council’s reputation into disrepute.

I think it?would’ve?harmed our reputation, because, while?it’s not for us to decide whether people have the right of free?speech, does?that encompass hate speech? That’s a huge debate?across?New Zealand and there are different views on that,” Goff said.

“But we also have our reputation to consider.”

The council’s reputation, Goff said, was that it believed it needed to be inclusive.

We?should not be aiding and abetting people that?insult,?abuse and provoke racial and?religious?minorities.End quote.

Could Phil Goff please explain how he can possibly be inclusive while excluding other people? Perhaps he might like to start excluding Muslims: they insult, abuse and provoke racial and religious minorities… like Jews. There are 55,000 muslims in NZ, and about 15,000 Jews. Jews are clearly the minority but Phil Goff allows the abuse of them and their beliefs to stand. But that a couple of Canadians might cause offence to a larger minority? Terrible. The man is a gutless coward.

As for the reputational damage, well, he’s wrecking the reputation of Auckland all by himself by caving to bullies. He, of course, benefited from free speech laws when he threw paint and spat on returning veterans of the Vietnam War. That was violence and discord and certainly non-inclusive.

Ironically, he has provided a good reason to have mosques closed down in Auckland, and refuse separate segregated facilities for Muslims, because, you know, Muslims elsewhere have gotten uppity and caused chaos and mayhem. Perhaps he could start with making sure the Hezbollah-supporting activists are no longer allowed to use Aotea Square… because, you know, Hezbollah blow up people in Syria and Lebanon and Israel.