Standing up against the ‘Beth Houlbrooke targeted rate’

Rodney ratepayers get shafted. They do not get basic services that others in Auckland get, like rubbish collection or mowing. The council see Rodney as a cash cow that it milks to fund the rest of Auckland while returning next to nothing to Rodney.

This means Rodney needs a local board that fight like hell to get Rodney’s fair share of their own rates spent back into the ward. Instead, the Rodney Local Board introduced the Beth Houlbrooke targeted rate, a transport rate that is levied on all Rodney residents, even though they are already paying through the nose for rates. Fortunately, some of the Rodney Local Board are standing up to the bullies in Rodney First who want to tax and spend and subsidise the rest of Auckland with Rodney rates.

Colin Smith tells it like it is: Quote:

“Call me an old dog if you wish, however, I have spent too many years paying targeted rates to allow this latest money grab?to go unchallenged,” he said.

“It’s a disgrace, hoodwinking and undemocratic to the core that it got voted in.” End quote.

Spot on Colin.

Rodney Local Board should be fighting Rodney’s corner not subsidising the dopey bastards at?Auckland Council so they can spend Rodney rates outside of Rodney.