Sticks and stone series: General racist slurs for White people

I am anti? PC culture and I believe that we should desensitise ourselves to words as that takes away their power to hurt or cause offence. A number of groups of people have successfully taken away a words power to hurt by claiming it for themselves and using it themselves. At the end of the day if you can laugh at a ‘racist slur’ it has no power and becomes just another funny description.

Cam and I both have used ‘offensive terms’ to describe ourselves. I have always called myself a raghead and Cam has called himself a coconut and a cack-hander. I refer to myself as being a little bit Aspie.

After Cam and I put our heads together and created and published the great Whaleoil diversity survey?(after racking our brains to come up with as many ‘offensive’ descriptions of groups of people that we could), I then did a search for racist slurs and was amazed at how many there are for each and every ethnic group. A few are a bit nasty but many are just silly or funny.

There are far too many racist slurs for white people to fit in just one post so I will focus today on the terms that refer in general to white people.

In future posts, I will look at specific groups of white people like the British and the Dutch for example and then I will move on to other ethnic groups.

General racist slurs for white people:

  • Ang mo? It is used mainly in?Malaysia?and?Singapore, and sometimes in?Taiwan. It literally means “red-haired” The usage is similar to the?Cantonese?term?gweilo?(??; “ghost man”).
  • Becky is a derogatory term for a woman, usually white, who is familiar with sexual acts.
  • Bule?commonly used in?Indonesia?to describe a foreigner, especially people of European descent. It seeks to identify people featuring light?hair color, light?eye color?and?pale skin. It may also be used by as a rationale for justifying racist behaviour, such as charging higher prices.
  • Cracker?Sometimes?white cracker?or ‘cracka’, is a colloquial term for?white people used especially for?poor rural whites in the?Southern United States. Eurinal Europeans Europe + Urinal
  • Eurotrash Europeans A pseudo-intellectual who believes that they are are smart and that others are stupid.
  • Eurinal Europeans Europe + Urinal


  • Farang?a generic?Thai?word for someone of European ancestry, no matter where they may come from.
  • Ghengi Mongolians Eastern Europeans of Mongol descent
  • Haole?a term used in the state of?Hawaii that is mostly used to refer to Caucasians or white people.
  • Honky?(also spelled?honkie?or sometimes?honkey) is a derogatory term for?white people, predominantly heard in the?United States. The first recorded use of “honky” in this context may date back to 1946
  • HP Whites Human Parasites. Europeans who destroy every culture they encounter
  • Japie?is a?South African?male first name, of?Afrikaans?origin. The name may be occasionally used as a mildly derogative?ethnic slur?or nickname for (particularly white, rural) South Africans, in which instance it is also spelt as it is pronounced:?yarpie. This comes from the Afrikaans term?plaasjapie, meaning “farm boy”. It has socio-economic connotations similar to the NZ/Australian term?bogan?or the American?hillbilly.


  • Mat Salleh” is often used by?Malay?speakers as a?colloquial, expression to refer to a white?Caucasian.
  • Oyebo Whites It literally means peeled skin. It is what the Yoruba people of Nigeria used to call the first Europeans they saw.
  • Twinkie?is a racial pejorative used by most?American Indians?to refer to a?European American, with little or no social or blood links to any tribe, who claims to be an American Indian.
  • Wa??cu?is the?Lakota?and?Dakota?word for people of European descent.
  • White Anglo-Saxon Protestants?(WASPs) is an informal acronym that refers to social group of wealthy and well-connected?white Americans?of?Protestant?and predominantly?British?ancestry, many of whom trace their ancestry to the?American colonial period. The term?WASP?is often used as a pejorative
  • White trash?is a derogatory?American English?predominately class slur referring to?poor white people, especially in the rural?southern United States.
  • Whitey is a slang term for a white person, often used in a pejorative manner, for example, the “Kill Whitey” tattoo on the cheek of?Maruse Heath.
  • Wigger, or?wigga, is a slang term for a?white person, typically middle to upper-class, and of European ethnic origin, who emulates the perceived mannerisms,?language, and?fashions?associated with?African-American culture, particularly?hip hop.