Stop hating and start listening

Mark Kern: Team Lead for Vanilla World of Warcraft. Creator of Em-8ER, Firefall. Producer of Diablo 2, Starcraft, Broodwar, and more. Game designer, CEO, writer.

Mark Kern is a gaming software developer, and an excellent one. His World of Warcraft has generated over nine billion dollars in revenues, garnering 100 million subscribers over its lifetime. To the gaming generation, he is a hero, almost a cult figure.

Mark, like so many of his creatively bent cohort, leans left in politics; that’s fair enough, I have no problem with that. Recently, in a series of astute and intelligent messages on twitcom, he weighed in on the reasons why so many, like him, ‘walked away’, are alienated from the modern manifestation of ‘left’, why he voted Trump, and what the left need to do to win him back. It’s so simple and profound that, if there was any chance at all the left would listen, conservatives would be in for a real tussle. Kern begins openly and clearly: Quote:

Okay let?s talk about how to beat Trump. Specifically, how you can get me, and millions of others back to voting for Democrats like I used to.

First, you have to want me back. Stop being butthurt that I voted for Trump and stop trying to get me punched, fired or thrown out of restaurants. You need us back if you want to beat Trump. Stop pushing us into ditches. You?ll lose again.

Second, embrace free speech. You used to, and it opened a lot of doors for progressive values because we were free to express controversial ideas at the time like LGBTQ rights. You would riot if speech was muzzled and rightly so. Stop shadowbanning and deplatforming.

Next, stop campaigning on ?resist? and ?impeach? and have a real message again. Hope was a powerful one for Obama and Hooked me back then. You need to find a positive message to rally around a great vision for the future. Right now your message is hate and fear and zero vision.

Next, embrace middle America and our country again. You can have a vision for what America should be, but stop saying America and middle America had to go. Make America everyone?s home. Be welcoming. Right now you just want to burn it all down. Not a good look.

Fight for jobs for everyone. People want to work. And stop fetishing tech. Not everyone can be a web programmer and we need food and power and dirty jobs. Value hard work in blue collar industries and help them too and hold their jobs in the respect they are due. Fight for them.

Finally, fight for equal rights and opportunity. But please stop trying to force everyone to live your way. Stop trying to criminalize every minor thing and get rid of political correctness. Learn to laugh again and embrace comedy as figurative, not literal. Leave fiction alone.

It?s about having a vision the build up America, instead of one focused on tearing it down. Evolve it, don?t destroy it. Campaigning on ?he and his base are evil Nazis? is just wrong and doesn?t work. A lot of us used to vote for you and share your values.

You don?t have to do all of this overnight. But just showing me and millions of others that you are willing to move in his direction would do a lot to get me to take a second look. Want to beat Trump? Take a page from your own speaking points and start to LISTEN. For real. End quote.

It seems there is no chance the left is listening as the thousands of vile, hateful, insulting and threatening responses to his measured and sage words are testament to that at twitcom:

Good on him for sticking his neck out, and sticking to his guns. Only bad can come from the current atmosphere of hate in the USA. People like Kern need to be heard, and supported, not insulted. Bravo, Mr Kern.


by idbkiwi