Suspect appears in court, but where is Labour’s internal review?

Young Labour summer camp 2018

The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

A man accused of indecent assaults at a Labour Party summer youth camp pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court this morning.

The 20-year-old was?arrested last month?and appeared for the first time in the Auckland District Court this morning.

He faces six counts of indecent assault against four complainants and pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

The accused was granted interim name suppression and bailed to appear in court again later this year.

The issue of the man’s name suppression will also be contested later this month. End quote.

The police have managed to conduct their investigation and charge the man concerned, with six counts of indecent assault, but the Labour party are yet to release their internal review: Quote:

Labour Party president Nigel Haworth said after the arrest: “The Labour Party backs the decision of the police to lay charges against an individual relating to allegations of indecent assault at the Young Labour summer camp earlier this year.

“The party’s internal report, prepared by Maria Austen [formerly Berryman], is focused on the party’s policies and procedures around the summer camp, if they were properly applied, and how we should correct any deficiencies.

“Maria Austen’s investigation is ongoing and separate from the police actions … We will report back on her findings once we have received and considered them.”

The allegations of indecent assaults against four young people, all believed to be 16, surfaced in March. End quote.

In other words, they are hoping interest will die down and people will forget.