The culture wars that are destroying free speech in NZ

Neville Gibson at NBR has an erudite piece about the culture wars that are killing free speech in New Zealand: Quote:

The curious case of whether two Canadian ?cultural warriors? should be allowed here on a speaking tour highlights the parlous state of free speech when faced with the forces that aim to deny a voice to any form of opposition.

In past decades, free speech was in danger from establishments that wanted to outlaw or contain advocacy of change to the status quo, particularly if it involved widespread disruption, protests and strikes.

Now the targets are new groups that also advocate change but one that wants to restore or retain past practices and values.

In basic terms, these groups have often been branded ?populist? by elites or mainstream society that have adopted new values that undermine or challenge the dominance of previous norms.

These populist views, from across the political spectrum, have spread throughout Europe, North America and to other parts of the world, including New Zealand, where Western civilisation was imposed or embraced.

That civilisation goes back to ancient Greece and Rome. It was initially expressed in Judaic-Christian religious terms until the Enlightenment ushered in the Industrial Revolution and divided the state and religion.

This marriage of science and secularity produced modern capitalist society while maintaining a veneer of faith based on rights of the individual.

Its social and economic success was first challenged by communism, which failed, and more recently by militant Islam ? what Samuel Huntingdon describes as a ?clash of civilisations.??End quote.

That clash is now apparent with the globalists’ insistence on mass immigration from people who come from countries or cultures that are incompatible with our modern liberal democratic society, which has been built on those?Judaic?Christian religious terms over centuries.?Quote:

Global migration, which has enabled the poor to leave their impoverished and conflict-ridden societies for the comforts of western civilisation, has achieved for Islam what conquest couldn?t.

Hence the rise of anti-immigrant attitudes in places where those values, including the right to criticise intolerant religions, are under attack.

Canadians Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneaux may be an extreme example of this resistance, though they have reportedly reached a wide audience through YouTube and other social media.

But as disruptors, they are not welcomed where expressions of populism are, well, not popular. This includes social and cultural views that are dominant in educational, media and political circles.

Australia has used visa processes to frustrate a speaking tour by the Canadians while Auckland mayor Phil Goff has denied them a platform at the urging of groups who threaten protest activity.?End quote.

Except they are now in Australia and Phil Goff faces a legal challenge.?Quote:

This local clash of civilisations goes further than just the level of migration from non-western countries to include issues that are couched in terms of gender, diversity and inclusion. The debate ranges from demonising opponents of abortion to same-sex marriage to those who also oppose scientific advances, human rights and promote conspiracy theories.

As a career politician, Mr Goff has been too quick to respond to the demands of one side while denying a voice to the other. He now faces a legal action by an ad hoc group of academics and commentators who see dangers in suppressing opposition views.

This debate is not unique to New Zealand. In Australia, its leading university rejected the establishment of a school for studies of western civilisation to balance those of China?s state-funded Confucian Institutes and Arab government-backed Islamic studies.

This round in the cultural war won?t be the last. End quote.

No it won’t be?? it will get worse. We have long been saying that Kiwis should wake up, that the problems manifesting themselves in Europe and the UK will land here… and so it has come to pass. Our own laws and systems are now being used against us to shut down any criticism.