The ‘Hairy-chested’ party

A Hairy chest

My ideal political party

I would love to be able to vote for a party with the following hairy-chested no-BS policies:

  1. ?A promise to abolish the Human Rights Commission, Race Relations Office, Women’s Affairs and the Waitangi Tribunal.
  2. A promise to remove all reference to “the Treaty” or “Treaty pinciples” in legislation.
  3. A promise that the elimination of wasteful central and local government spending would be top priority.? Cutting councils’ obscene staffing and salary levels would be central to this.
  4. A promise to pass a law forcing councils to ONLY spend on the essentials -? drainage, sewerage, roading, rubbish collection, street lighting, managing parks and reserves.
  5. A promise to pass a law forcing councils to use competitive tendering so that costs are cut as much as possible.
  6. A promise that from a future date “x”, no new applications for DPB ( “Sole Parent Support” as it is now called ) would be accepted, thus phasing it out.
  7. ?Force WINZ to take a hard-line approach to those looking for work.? No more bringing in workers from Fiji because locals ‘don’t want to work’ in orchards.
  8. Bring in workfare -? working for the dole.? A minimum of 30 hours per week would be required.? Any slacking would result in cancellation of benefit.
  9. Time-limits for welfare.? Two months, then you have to accept any job.? Two years benefit stand-down if you refuse.
  10. ?A promise that the so-called refugee quota would be cut to (maybe) 200 per year AND that all refugees accepted MUST be “culturally compatible” with our culture and values.? Muslim refugees would be explicitly excluded under this clause.
  11. Define Islam in law as exactly what it is – an ideology of hate that promotes and encourages hatred towards all those outside it.
  12. A ban on Muslim immigrants. The ‘ideology of hate’ law in (11) would be used to do this.
  13. Pass a law to close down mosques and Islamic schools.
  14. Remove all ‘hate speech’ laws.? The only limits on speech would be the libel/slander laws (speech against individuals) and “explicit incitement to violence”.
  15. Completely change the curricula of teachers’ colleges and primary and secondary schools.
  16. The new curriculum would focus on phonics reading and maths (for primary schools) and history, geography and the sciences for secondary schools. All subjects to be taught with NO “SJW” content or influence. Dismissal of anyone teaching or promoting it.
  17. Close down all university ‘SJW’ courses (Women’s studies, Feminism studies, Gender studies.) ?Move Social work courses out of universities and into their own schools so that their influence can’t pollute the rest of a university. Pass a law making the curriculum of social-work courses a conservative-oriented curriculum.? No SJW content allowed.? Dismissal of anyone teaching or promoting it.
  18. Add new courses on logic and critical thinking, basic economics, the study of politics, criticism of Islam and criticism of socialism and communism to the curricula of high-schools.? Very basic economics could be taught at late primary-school level.? So could very basic logic and critical thinking.

This stuff is what is NEEDED to refresh and invigorate Western culture.

Long live the “hairy-chested” party!