The mouse that roared: Valerie Morse

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Valerie Morse, as spokesperson for the misnamed activist group Auckland Peace Action has used threats of harassment and confrontation to de platform a voluntary (paid) event at an Auckland council venue where none of the speech will be breaking the law. Neither Lauren Southern or Stefan Molyneux has ever incited violence or harm to others or damage to their property. If they had the left would be providing evidence of it but they can’t so they use unsubstantiated?smears and lies.

Mayor Phil Goff instead provided evidence of left-wing activist violence against people and property in Australia to justify banning the speakers. This is exactly the same as banning women from being out at night because it will force the police to protect them from rapists. If activist groups like Auckland Peace Action threaten a peaceful and legal event with confrontation then why are they not being sanctioned and punished? Why are the speakers who have committed no crime being de platformed to prevent possible violence from Valerie Morse’s Auckland Peace action activists?

It is time to shine some sunlight on the background of the woman who appears to be the spokesperson for this activist group.

First, let’s look at what she said on behalf of her group of left-wing activists.

Friday, 6 July 2018, 9:02 am, Press Release: Quote.

If they come here, we will confront them on the streets. If they come, we will blockade entry to their speaking venue.

We stand in solidarity with the Muslim Community in Aotearoa who are opposing these fascists. end quote.

FIANZ? is attempting to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws here in New Zealand so that non-Muslims will have no freedom of speech just like in every other Muslim dominated country. With Mayor Phil Goff as their accomplice, FIANZ and the Auckland Peace Action activists have so far achieved their goal.

So who is Valerie Morse and does she and her group pose a genuine threat of ANTIFA like violence or are they all talk and no trousers?

Morse is a Wellington activist and Librarian who was among the Urewera 16 arrested and jailed 10 years ago. She was born in Takapuna, but grew up in the United States.

The Urewera 16 were alleged to have been involved in a paramilitary training camp in the?Urewera?mountain range near the town of?Ruatoki.

Valerie Morse?was one of the 16 people who faced firearms and other charges. The charges she faced related to a series of police raids around the country after weapons were found in training camps. Valerie Morse who was 36 at the time personally had three firearms charges against her, including possession of a military-style semi-automatic rifle, Molotov cocktails and ammunition. Police stated the raids were a culmination of more than a year of surveillance?of the training camps.

It was not the first time that Morse’s activism had landed her in trouble. In 2007 She took part in an ANZAC Day protest where as a member of Peace Action Wellington she burned a New Zealand flag. She was fined $500 for offensive behaviour. She said that she burnt the flag as an anti-war protest. In an interview with Salient she said ?My heart and my passion is really about stopping wars and stopping the horrors that are associated with wars. […]I want to see a world free of violence and war.?

In 2003 she took part in a protest in which 11 naked bodies and one fully clothed woman spelt out No GE on the grass. She was a member of the?Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, Wellington at the time.

She also wrote a book called Against Freedom: The War on Terrorism in Everyday New Zealand Life, which traced legislative changes since 9/11, the suppression of dissent, and media manipulation of public understanding in New Zealand.

The firearms and other charges against Morse were eventually dropped so despite her activist C.V appearing at first glance to be pretty militant it seems that really she was just a mouse who roared.

Mayor Phil Goff seems to think that Morse and Auckland Peace Action posed a genuine threat that would be too much for our police force to handle. This is laughable. Judging by Morse’s background she is more interested in dramatic stunts than actual violence. Maybe she would have burned a Canadian flag? Maybe if it wasn’t too cold she and her group would have stripped naked? and spelled out “No Lauren Southern” on the concrete outside the venue?? Maybe she will write a book about the day the Canadians came to town and said mean things about the religion of her Muslim friends?

Librarian Valerie Morse poses no genuine threat. She is a mouse who thinks that she is a lion.

Phil Goff has enforced the Heckler’s veto by preventing people from speaking because the police might be forced to do their job. The hecklers in this case pose no real threat. The police might have to throw some water over a burning flag and hand out some coats to some shivering anti-hurtie words protestors but other than that Phil Goff’s justification is a weak one and bears no serious scrutiny.