The one thing that everyone needs to know about Islam

Islam’s texts are filled with hate towards non-Muslims and the 1400-year history of Islam has killed an estimated 270 million people and counting

That is important to know about Islam, but there is one bit of information which is even more?important.

Islam is a Supremacist ideology.

This means that Islam sees itself as far superior to all other ideologies, religions or ‘world-views.’

This is crucial to understand. Why?

Because there can be no co-existence with a supremacist ideology.

That is what the foolish lefties, politicians and mayors do not understand.

Islam is not coming to the West to “co-exist”.

Photo from the official magazine of the 2012 Muslim Day Parade accompanying an article about the struggle for the Ummah in North America.

It is coming here to dominate – just as it did across North Africa, the Middle East, India (Timurlane) and Indonesia.

That is why the immigration of Muslims is so dangerous.

Why do Muslims seek concessions from Western countries?

Why do they demand separate swimming times, prayer rooms, time off for prayer, halal food and so much more?

The answer is Islamic supremacism.

Each concession is a tiny bit more control exerted by Islam.

Each suburb dominated by Muslims is a little more land under the strong influence (and eventual control) of Islam.

It is the heat being turned up – slowly… slowly… on the frog in the pot of water.

This list of concessions to Islam is chilling.

?Each concession is the establishment of one aspect of Sharia law. To find articles that contain examples of each concession go to the sidebar of the Islamist Watch blog which contains the following long list of concessions.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Athletics
  3. Banking
  4. Cartoons
  5. Censorship
  6. Children
  7. Demonstrations
  8. Dogs
  9. Entertainment / Media
  10. Free Speech
  11. Funerals
  12. Gender Relations
  13. Government
  14. Halal
  15. Head Coverings / Dress
  16. Holidays
  17. Honour Crime
  18. Interfaith
  19. Islamic Law (Shari’a)
  20. Lawfare
  21. Lawful Islamism
  22. Leaving Islam
  23. Legal
  24. Lobby Groups
  25. Marriage
  26. Medical
  27. Moderates
  28. Mosques / Imams
  29. Multiculturalism
  30. Police / FBI
  31. Polygamy
  32. Prayers
  33. Prisons
  34. Schools (Islamic)
  35. Schools (Non-Islamic)
  36. Segregation
  37. Sexuality
  38. Swimming Pools
  39. United Nations
  40. Women’s Health
  41. Workplace

Check out this verse from the Quran –

“See they not that we gradually reduce the land (in their control) from its outlying borders?”


This video on “Islamic supremacism” by the outstanding expert on Islam, Robert Spencer, is well worth watching.

( No – not Richard Spencer, he of the ‘alt-right’ – this is Robert Spencer. They are not related).

Check out Robert Spencer’s many videos on YouTube.

He is outstanding!? There is no way that a left-wing debater would win a debate with him.? He knows Islam inside-out.