The wheels spin off the ‘Spinoff’

A newspaper reports on the wheels coming off at The Spinoff.

Quote:The Spinoff has lost nearly 90 per cent of its audience after moving to Friday’s 10.45pm “graveyard slot” on Three.

[…]The show, which was publicly funded by New Zealand on Air to the tune of $700,000, previously held Friday’s prime 9.45pm slot which has traditionally been home to comedy shows like Funny Girls and Jono and Ben.

It was pushed back after losing nearly half its viewership just three weeks in, when its target audience (viewers aged 25-54) dropped from 73,000 to just 35,000. It has been replaced with low-budget clip show Fail Army.End of quote.

If you’ve ever seen the show you’d know why. It’s gayer than Simon Bridges wearing a rainbow badge. Ok, I admit I’ve only seen one show and a bit but I’m not a masochist. If you watched the first show you got subjected to a rant against Whaleoil columnist Bob Jones by some chubby Maori chick after he hooked a bunch of SJWs with a surprise punch (and if you’re reading this Bob the boxing metaphor is for you). Oh, and speaking of chubby chicks just about all the women on it are chubby. As for the guys think young, snot-nosed, and gay in both senses of the word. Actually, you’ll be hard pressed to find a gayer show since Shortland Street.

Of course, it has its own token Muslim, a ‘comedian’ no less. And speaking of comedy, yes, you could loosely call it a ‘comedy’ if you define comedy as ‘white people are so funny har har har.’ Quote.

Quote:[…]And a MediaWorks spokesperson told the Herald they remain committed to the series and were moving it to the later slot as it was a place “where it can consolidate and develop a dedicated audience”.End of quote.

Translation: We hope it gets enough hardcore Lefties to make it worthwhile.

Good luck with that. Looks like even Lefties can’t stand it. Quote.

Quote:The series is set to run for a total of 16 episodes and just five episodes in, Spinoff founder Duncan Greive remains hopeful it will find its feet in the 10.45pm slot.End of quote.

Keep dreamin’ mate.

But here’s the thing. It got $700,000 in funding ie 700K for a show that gets fewer eyeballs than Whaleoil on a slow morning. Jane Wrightson, who heads NZOnAir, reckons by way of defence, that The Spinoff is a “hybrid.”

She says

Quote:I?m also surprised The Spinoff TV is cited as a system flaw. It is an experimental hybrid, it?s developing some terrific new talent End quote.

(Cough, splutter). She continues:

[…] it may play better online, and MediaWorks is showing spunk in taking a punt. NZ On Air funds around 1000 hours of multi-media content a year ? and you?d be hard-pressed to find a true “failure”. There has to be room in a public media funding context for experimentation.End of quote.

Well if you define The Spinoff website and The Spinoff TV as an experimental hybrid, Jane, guess what else could be an experimental hybrid? Yep, Whaleoil the blog and Whaleoil TV. Hell, we don’t even have to get that ambitious. How about Whaleoil the blog and Whaleoil Radio? The only difference from The Spinoff TV, (apart from having entertaining and informative content, not being gay, and having an established audience of professionals and people who work, have money, and are more intelligent on average,) is, of course, Whaleoil leans to the right while The Spinoff is far-left.

If Wrightson refuses to fund a site like Whaleoil then it shows, like Goff, that she’s just another far-left Lefty abusing her power. After all, if she’s ok with giving a far left site hundreds of thousands of dollars surely she must be fine with funding a centre-right blog website?