The winner of the Whaleoil best fish competition and a MAGA cap is…

The most upvotes went to?YouKNOWitmakesSense with 22 for his gaffed Kingi photo.

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We have a winner!

Here?s a photo of a legal kingfish I caught earlier this year in a pretty unconventional way. I?d caught a couple of kahawai that attracted the attention of a decent kingie that was hanging around the boat and scoffed the guts and roe as I dealt to the first kahawai.

He wasn?t at all interested in a ledger rig, softbait or livey, but a cunning plan formed in my head.

Using my gaff with a leash over my right wrist, I gutted the second kahawai, chucked the entrails into the water, waited for him to zoom out from under the boat, and gaffed him into the boat. He was not best pleased, but tasted delicious all the same.

If you look closely you can see the puncture wound just under his pectoral fin. No hooks or bait were used to catch this fine specimen

Runner-up was Wibble with 14 for his delightful tale of how he rescued a fish from the fish shop.

I was just strolling down by the wharf, and as I sauntered past a shop, I saw that a poor fish had somehow managed to strand himself in a basin of ice in the shop window. I leapt into action, and rescued it from the shop and brought it home.

Because it was so cold, I wrapped it in paper and foil and put it in the oven to keep it warm. About 1 hour on 200 degrees did the trick. I added some lemon juice because I figured that it must be dehydrated, poor thing. My wife then suggested that it would be warmer still if we put it inside our tummies, so we swallowed it down along with a nice drop of sauvignon blanc, in case it was still thirsty. I am sure it was contented then, because I heard a satisfied burping noise coming from my tummy.

My wife said that I was wonderful for saving this poor cold stranded fish. I said that I was no hero, I was just doing what any man would have done under the circumstances. But if you want to thank me by giving me a nice cap to wear, that would be great.