The wisdom of Sir Bob: Silly ministries edition

After reading Christie?s recent article?regarding Labour MP Tamati Coffey?s suggestion for a Ministry for Transgender, Albino Unicorns (or whatever it was that he was suggesting, he didn?t actually make that very clear), I thought back to a paragraph that I had read a few weeks ago, written by our very own national treasure, Sir Bob Jones way back in 2005.

Sir Bob has always had a way with words, and has always been one to call out preposterousness wherever he finds it. To prove that Labour governments don?t change their spots, here is a small segment of his musings from??My Property World, (Pg. 158, 2005, Trio Books Ltd, Wellington), in relation to the Labour government?s penchant for increasing bureaucracy, and therefore civil servant numbers, through the invention of pointless ministries. quote:

[…] Nonsensical departments such as Women?s Affairs were created. I treasure the memory of the television news item the day this disgrace opened its doors and its new department head proudly showed the television interviewer around the offices. ?And what exactly will the department be doing?? the reporter asked innocently. ?Well, we haven?t decided that yet, but we?re busy asking people for suggestions,? came the mind-blowing reply. Not having any purpose was certainly no barrier to this ridiculous department being established, to the benefit of the Wellington office market […] No Opposition will terminate this disgrace for fear of anti-women accusations. Instead, they?re far more likely to create a Men?s Affairs Department to balance it, a classic illustration of the heavy economic price of democracy, particularly under MMP. End quote.

Of course this plum job set young Ms Hercus up nicely for her subsequent years at the UN trough but what can you expect with an Arts degree?

Let?s see who we have now leading this esteemed ministry.

Aaah, bugger. Old ?Wimin can do anything? Genter.

Oh well, at least she supports Judith.

screenshot: Whaleoil

Anyway, after the Minister for Prostitution suggestion, and Tamati?s Rainbow Ministry etc, I?m not sure what the next silly ministry will be but it will be pointless. Remember…

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by ExPFC.