Todd gets fired up

Todd Muller was in fine form during the General Debate on Wednesday.? Quote.

And they call themselves a Government. What a dishevelled, disorganised bunch that we look out across today, led by a group who have never had a new idea since they were in their student union days?free this, free that, sock the rich, smack the businesses; they’re still caught back in the 1990s.

Supported by a grumpy curmudgeon who spends most of his time polishing his baubles of power to see his reflection in them,

Supported by a small individual who enjoys playing planes and ships in the bath, but, more importantly I think, supported by an individual who saunters around regional New Zealand?sort of John Wayne without the horse and the saddle and the gun.

And then, of course, over on the other side, is the Green Party.

They are split to the core, because they have not reconciled the fact that they have accountability now that they are part of a Government.

Most of them still see the role of MP as being a perpetual protest, day after day, going from one protest movement to the other. […]

And that is why, over there, the New Zealand First Party look down at the floor. They know this is true?that their marriage of convenience means they have to swallow rat after rat after rat every week, and they’re starting to get a bit belchy, aren’t they Mr Jones? […] End of quote.

I fear for the rat population in Wellington. What with the number of rats that New Zealand First is swallowing and the number of rats that the Greens are swallowing, the Wellington rat is in danger of becoming a threatened species.

Still, on the bright side, it will give the Greens another slogan, “Save a rat today” and an eco-minded group can form a Rat Rescue Squad.