Truth & bullshit in the Digital advertising age

In sales and advertising it?s always a numbers game. That is to say the more people are impressed upon with a certain pitch, or spiel as it were, the larger the response will be during any given campaign or promotional event.

In advertising, ?points? measure percentages of given populations and can be targeted to select demographics (called Target Rating Points) or even subjective measurements (called Index Rating Points) like the propensity to purchase in any given market.

Furthermore ?Gross Impressions? quantify the approximate number and cost per thousands of duplicate people reached within a certain demographic; whereas ?Reach? and ?Frequency? represent math equations based upon algorithms involving unduplicated people impressed upon within a certain demographic and how many times they were imprinted with any given ad or message.

The points are these: There is a mathematical science behind motivating people located in markets (i.e. regions) into action; and this is why companies like Nike and Pepsi will pay hundreds of millions of dollars annually to athletes and movie stars alike to promote their products. It is because advertising works.

Now let?s compare companies and strategies.

Suppose there was a monopolistic international entity by the name of Military Industrial Company Incorporated (MICI) selling a product called ?Bullshit? and competing against an aggressive start-up by the name of Wild Web Worldwide (WWW) who had a better product trademarked under the name of ?Truth?.

Obviously, Truth was the superior commodity, but MICI did not own the rights. Therefore, MICI knew its Bullshit couldn?t compete with Truth on a direct basis, so it would have to utilize its superior assets to advertise Bullshit to the masses while, at the same time, suppressing WWW?s ability to deliver Truth to the people throughout various regions; specifically, within the United States Designated Market Area (DMA).

Unfortunately for WWW, MICI also owned the world?s premier advertising agency called The Mainstream Media International (TMMI). Now TMMI was definitely not a typical advertising agency. Not at all. What made TMMI so special was that it actually owned 90% of the television stations, newspapers, and radio networks throughout the entire United States DMA.

Of course, this presented a problem for those working over at WWW because they knew they could never compete in delivering Truth to the people against the powerful Military Industrial Company Incorporated (MICI); especially given The Mainstream Media International?s (TMMI) near-monopoly on advertising, and selling, Bullshit.

Therefore, WWW began packaging and posting Truth online in the hopes of exponentially growing their client base via person-to-person and word of mouth networking. It worked for a while, primarily because of the superiority of Truth over the Bullshit being sold by MICI and TMMI.

However, once the principal operators in the board rooms of MICI realized the success of Wild Web Worldwide (WWW) in delivering Truth to the people within the United States Designated Market Area, the larger, more powerful Military Industrial Company Incorporated (MICI) decided to implement a new stratagem.

The plan was twofold: First, MICI and their agents at TMMI would utilize their currently-owned largest online platforms in the world to repackage Bullshit. Secondly, they would simultaneously use their vast financial and technological resources to undermine the online platforms which were currently in use by WWW to deliver Truth to the people.

Sound familiar?

[…] I always write articles with the hope of delivering Truth to at least some of the masses residing in the U.S. Designated Market Area.

Even so, it is an uphill battle in a strong digital wind.

Or, in other words, there appears to be an online resistance underway:

  • Lawmakers recently clashed during a contentious hearing over claims that social media platforms and tech companies are biased against conservative viewpoints.
  • A study for the House Judiciary?s Constitution & Civil Justice Subcommittee showed that Facebook has eliminated 93% of traffic to top conservative websites since the 2016 election.
  • It was revealed that Facebook uses foreign state-run news outlets to online fact-check U.S. ?conservative sites into oblivion?.
  • Just prior to U.S. Independence Day 2018, the Nashville-based group, Wes Cook Band, released their single ?I Stand for the Flag? and ?planned to promote it for 24 hours using the paid promotion tools? on Facebook. The request was ?initially approved and then later rejected? by Facebook citing the video?s ?political content?.
  • On July 4th, 2018 it was reported that a Facebook algorithm flagged the Declaration of Independence as hate speech.
  • Ten days later, Facebook?s ?non-biased? algorithms also censored a new gospel song, entitled ?What Would Heaven Look Like?, for political content.
  • It was reported that Twitter suspended 58 million accounts due to the ?company?s newly aggressive stance against malicious or suspicious accounts in the wake of Russian disinformation efforts during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign?.
  • Just two days after Twitter told Congress that they aren?t politically biased when censoring content, the online social media platform was caught censoring conservative journalists with site-wide shadowbans.

In the aforementioned study for the House Judiciary?s Constitution & Civil Justice Subcommittee and according to Quote.

Two-thirds of U.S. adults get their news directly from links on social media sites such as Facebook, according to a 2017 Pew Research survey. That number is steadily rising. Since that survey was released, Facebook has steadily adjusted their news ?algorithm? to conceal conservative-leaning news from the American public. From The Gateway Pundit to IJR, to the Daily Caller, it has been discovered that traffic to conservative sites from Facebook is down 93%. This is not a coincidence as it has not impacted liberal-leaning sites, this is an across-the-board action on Facebook?s part to eliminate conservative news and opinion. End of quote.

But now and perhaps even more unfortunate ? just researching information in order to write an article is becoming more cumbersome on a daily basis. Specific key word searches appear to yield increasingly less-than-accurate information as online ads slow down various websites and even mainstream sources require ad-blockers to be shut down or subscriptions paid. More and more, entire threads are blacked-out amid ?Aw Snap? error messages or even worse ? the annoying and very invasive ?Amazon Prize Winner? ads that completely take over mobile devices to the extent they continue to invade even after the browser is closed and restarted.

I?ve had to quit reading some of the articles on certain sites for those reasons.

So much for delivering Truth to the people.

In fact, just this month, in an Android antitrust case, the European Union fined Google with a record $5 billion for abusing the dominance of its Android mobile operating system.

Moreover, in case you haven?t noticed, Google is definitely not your father?s search engine any more. […]

Doug ?Uncola? Lynn?