Unintentional temptresses

The editorial in?The Herald?yesterday is interesting. It is more of the same over the Phil Goff free speech debate. I do not propose to go over stuff that we have done to death over the last couple of weeks. I just want to concentrate on a few points that the article makes that should have us all shaking in our shoes. Quote:

Every editor of a newspaper or other public platform can sympathise with the Mayor of Auckland when he decided to close council venues to speakers whose views he considered hurtful to ethnic and religious minorities.

He is accused of interfering with free speech, which invokes the freedom to hear and read as well as express an honestly held view. end quote.

Same old, same old. Quote:

The mayor ? and editors ? do need to give people a fair hearing before barring them from public halls or websites or newspaper pages.

Many people base their judgments on material found in cursory research. Anyone making decisions about giving people a platform to broadcast a message need to ensure that deliberations and research are considered, thorough and reasonable. End quote.

And clearly, this was not done in Lauren Southern’s case, as she is continually accused of trying to stop rescue boats from picking up migrants in the Mediterranean, which she did not do. It doesn’t take a lot of research to debunk that myth.

But then it gets interesting. Quote:

For instance, Southern clearly hates Islam’s view of women as unintentional temptresses and all that follows from that. She disagrees with the liberal view that this attitude to women should be tolerated for the sake of Muslims’ acceptance in the West, or that if it is challenged it must be done respectfully. Southern does not respect Islamic law and mores and it is difficult to insist she should, even if one disagrees. End quote.

Where do you begin with this?

First of all, while I am not saying The Herald agrees with this position, the fact that it does not challenge it indicates that it considers it normal to view women as ‘unintentional temptresses’. How can The Herald make a statement like that without challenging the very view it describes? Islam does treat women as temptresses, and because Muslim men are (apparently) unable to control themselves, Muslim women are treated abysmally.

The article simply bats away the rest of Islam’s treatment of women with ‘and?all that follows from that‘. What exactly does ‘follow from that’? Women not allowed to go outdoors unaccompanied. Women forced to cover themselves from head to toe. Women stoned to death for infidelity. Child marriages. Female Genital Mutilation. Women treated as property. Women treated as second class citizens, and all that ‘follows from that’.

I am shocked and disgusted that, here in New Zealand, the editorial of a major publication can trivialise such attitudes to women. On the one hand, it demands more board roles and positions of power for women. It supports quotas to get more women into senior roles. On the other hand, it thinks it is okay to view women as ‘unintentional temptresses’ and act accordingly.

Then it goes on to say that, although Lauren Southern disagrees with the view that Islam’s attitude toward women should be tolerated…if it is challenged, it must be done respectfully.

No. It shouldn’t. Not here. Not in a country where women have equal rights. Where all women have equal rights.

So The Herald thinks Islam’s attitude to women is okay?

But then, feminists are not screaming about Islam’s attitude to women either. Golriz doesn’t come out and condemn her home country for forcing women to wear the hijab. Alison Mau and her NZ#metoo movement never mentions the treatment of women under Islam. It seems that western women can, and must, have equal rights – in fact – more rights than men. But Muslim women can go take a hike. It is all okay because Muslims attitude towards women if challenged,? ‘must be done respectfully’.

But some Muslim women are New Zealanders too. And they have all the same rights as the rest of us here. Except, of course, that they don’t.

In that one paragraph, The Herald just capitulated to the Islamification of New Zealand, and in particular to Islam’s treatment of women.

Where are the feminists when you need them? Oh, that’s right. Wearing pussy hats and screaming at the sky over nothing.

It will be interesting to see how Alison Mau feels when she is forced to wear a hijab. Or when her daughter is subjected to Female Genital Mutilation.

These people make me sick. Only Lauren Southern has the guts to say it the way it really is and she is constantly pilloried for it.