Update on Tommy Robinson: There is hope that he will be released

[…] Tommy didn?t just appeal his 13-month sentence.?He appealed the fact that he was convicted at all.?Not just in the Leeds case from May, but he even appealed his conviction last year in Canterbury!

Second, Tommy?s lawyers outlined in?shocking detail the abuse that he has been subjected to in prison.

  • His lawyers’ meetings have been cut short by prison officials; in one case they were cancelled.
  • Tommy is only allowed out of his cell for half an hour a day, and at a time when he cannot call his children.
  • He has been refused privileges that other prisoners have, like being able to attend church. (Do you think the British government would ever deny a Muslim prisoner the right to attend a prison mosque?)
  • And of course, there?s Tommy?s solitary confinement ? the only way for him to stay alive in a prison dominated by Muslim gangs.

But to me, the most important thing I saw was this:?the Lord Chief Justice ? the top judge in the entire UK ? seemed sympathetic to Tommy!

He made more than a dozen interventions during the appeal ? comments or questions. And every one of them seemed like it was supportive of Tommy?s arguments. It truly gave me hope.

Tommy?s legal team ? two barristers and two solicitors ? did a meticulous job.

At the end of the hearing, the Chief Justice said that he and his two colleagues needed some time before they issue their ruling. It could take more than a week before they make their decision.

But the facts and arguments were so compelling,?I think it is now likely that Tommy will indeed be released from prison,?as soon as next week ? and his convictions might actually be overturned, too!

I met so many Tommy supporters in the court, and nearly 100 more were outside. Tommy himself joined the hearing by a video link from prison.?He looked alert and refreshed and fully engaged.?It was great to see him, even on video.

And right at the end, I saw Tommy?s mom and dad! They are so lovely, and so obviously grateful to all of Tommy?s supporters around the world.

So thank you, for supporting Tommy. If you haven?t yet chipped in to his legal defence fund, you can do so?here. 100% of these funds go to Tommy?s lawyers, and any surplus goes to Tommy?s family.

And thank you to those of you who are helping to crowdfund my flight and hotel to London today to do my reporting. I spoke to Tommy?s family and lawyers, and I plan to return to report on the judges final ruling, which hopefully will be very soon. […]

P.S. The mainstream media was in the courtroom too ? and already I can see The Guardian and Britain?s Channel 4 making factually false reports about the hearing! They hate Tommy, and are willing to lie to smear him.

Ezra Levant

Rebel Media