Urgent: Free Speech Coalition update

With the Free Speech Coalition achieving its initial fundraising goal, they?ve briefed lawyers who are busily preparing papers to serve on the Auckland Council. I donated to the cause, and I know that many Whaleoil readers did too. We did so to stand up to the mayor?s outrageous banning of people whose views he disagrees with. I can?t wait to go to court with the popcorn.

I have been contacted by the lawyers working for the Freedom of Speech Coalition. They have asked for our help to find people to join as parties with the Free Speech Coalition (with the coalition paying the legal fees and indemnifying those who lend a hand). I understand this would involve swearing an affidavit as part of the Free Speech Coalition?s application for an injunction.??

They urgently need three people:

  1. An?existing ticket holder?to the event*.
  2. Someone who?wants (or wanted) to go and listen?to the ideas of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, and would like to go to the event.
  3. Someone who wants or wanted to hear Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux and debate them, ie someone who disagrees with the speakers? views, but wants (or wanted) to attend the event anyway?and believes they should be allowed to speak.

*One of the conditions of hiring the council-owned Bruce Mason Centre was that the promoters had to use Ticketmaster. That means that they don?t have the email addresses of those who bought tickets!

If you are one of those people, or might be, please email?[email protected]?? no obligation.