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I am a landlord. This is not, however, a photo from the property I own. It is a view from the house in which I live – which being old and poorly insulated has condensation on most windows after a cold winter’s night.

I take to the windows on these mornings with an old towel, and open them a jiffy to deal with the problem. This task takes me about twenty minutes, and has the added benefit of a bit of physical activity to warm me up for the day. My former home which I now rent out, is by contrast , elevated, filled with natural light, warm and dry.

This is not meant to be a ‘poor me’ scenario. I simply wanted to illustrate a point that is often missed in the ‘nasty, greedy, uncaring landlord’ narrative constantly fed to the general public by our main stream media.

Many landlords make the decision to accept a lower standard of living in the present as a trade off for the benefits of long term security inherent in property ownership.

My tenants live far more comfortably than I do myself. I do not for one moment begrudge them that. But I am fed up to the back teeth with the constant barrage of tales of tenants as victims.
We all have choices of where and how we live. Those choices will always be constrained by individual personal circumstances. But quite frankly, if you can’t deal with a bit of condensation on your windows you should probably move home to Mummy.

Yesterday’s photo:

Jerusalem Road, Suva, Fiji, overlooking Siva Golf course.

VFYW: Whaleoil


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