Welcome to the age of arrogance

Too right!

A regular column by John Black.


Conservatism is, at heart, a humble philosophy. It engages with reality, not seeking to remake it. It holds that certain things are eternally true. Give government your money and it won?t spend it with as much restraint and care as you do. Or, for that matter, as Charlie Sheen does on a four-day bender in Bangkok.

Conservatives view humanity as flawed, sinful and rather nasty. Tradition, social norms and institutions make civilization possible. Remove these and a man’s inner Charlie Sheen is let out. Before long he’s doing blow for breakfast and trying to pork his wife’s sister’s daughter’s fifteen-year-old babysitter.

Opposing this is progressivism ? the political drive to make the world a better place. At best this is laudable but laughable. Like trying to teach your dog to use a flush toilet so he won’t leave steaming turds on the front lawn. Reality intervenes. His little paws can’t reach the button. But, at worst, it employs the violent authority of the state. Like achieving the same result by grabbing your dog and staple-gunning his arse shut.

The arrogant approach of progressives, attempting to reorganize society in accord with their own suspect utopic visions (see welfare, effect of), seems, currently, to be reaching new levels of absurdity. Perhaps frustrated by the triumph of market economics, they have turned inwards. They’ve gone intimate. Sexy even.

The struggle of the now for the young liberal is not globalism, inequality or peace. It’s men who would rather be ladies. And, of course, naturally (or not) vice versa.

Last week the UK government began public consultation on the planned Gender Recognition Act. This makes changes to earlier 2004 legislation, enabling people to change their gender solely on the basis of which gender they ?identify? with. In effect, it legally redefines gender as having no biological basis whatsoever. All that is needed for a man to be legally recognised as a woman is for him to declare that it is so.

A tad radical don?t you think? Amidst the daily shenanigans of Brexit brinkmanship, this act has been largely forgotten. Yet it?s repercussions could be huge. For the first time in history, we literally won?t know whether we are Arthur or Martha.

And the left just love it that way.

Witness the house magazine of the young liberally inclined-Kiwi, the Spinoff. A piece on the struggles of trans people is a weekly, if not a daily, feature. The burning issue of which bathroom they be allowed to use has been given a full serious discussion.

I’m not a transphobe. Anyone who claims libertarian tendencies can’t be. It’s your life and they’re your cock and balls. Chop ’em off it you wish. I would advise a trip to a shrink first, that’s all. You’d want to be sure. But, ultimately, if you really feel you’d be better off as the other gender then my only response would be “You go girl!”

But, we are talking 0.3 percent of the population (United States figures) here. Is where they take a dump really the civil rights issue of our times?

The weight given seems to be out of all proportion. I think it’s because it chimes with what is at the heart of the progressive project ? the reordering of nature.

Take the having of children outside the traditional man-woman paradigm. The family unit seems to have worked pretty well for most in the west for thousands of years. Okay, so sometimes women threw plates and got suspiciously timed ‘headaches’ and men got boozed up, fell asleep on the couch and forgot to clean out the guttering but, hey, life wasn’t meant to be perfect. Unless of course you’re left wing. Then you think it should be. So they rip up that natural directive and invent their own. Women can have children without a husband. Hey, they can even have them without a man. Or much of him.

Just add sperm.

The Spinoff have also celebrated this form of recklessness, with a four-part series about a woman trying to find a sperm donor via the hook-up app Tinder.


This is, needless to say, a tragic denial of the role of fathers in children’s lives, not to mention unbelievably selfish in putting the desire for a child above the welfare of the child. (According to the Texas Department of Corrections, 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes ? 20 times the average.)

But, consequences be damned, if they don’t conform to how progressives think the universe should work. Instinct, biology, custom and social mores count for nothing.

Politics (the right kind, of course) counts for everything.


Welcome to the age of arrogance.