Wellington free-speech rally: Plus a dummies’ guide to free speech

Photo supplied to Whaleoil by Deb

It was a stunningly fine winter’s day in Wellington today: no wind to speak of (yes, yes? it happens) and the sun was shining. A picture-perfect day to hold a free-speech rally in our nation?s capital city?? the seat of government.

Roughly a hundred people gathered in the grounds of parliament to listen to our speakers: Lindsay Perigo from the Free Speech Coalition, Rachel Poulain from the Free Speech Coalition and Tim Levchenko-Scott from Right Minds NZ.

All three spoke very well, and we are grateful for their time and effort in coming on the day to share their thoughts with us.

AWB?s comment summed up the crowd pretty well. Quote:

Just back from the Wellington shindig. About 100 or so people quietly and respectfully listening to the speakers. Polite clapping, small talk and then off home. That’s how far right racists roll. end quote.

Rachel?s speech was a cracker, and she has kindly given permission for her speech to be published in full. You can read it as a guest post on Whaleoil and the video of her speech has been published today as well.

Many thanks, Rachel!

I have felt the need to write a?Free Speech for Dummies?guide, as there seems to be so much confusion from some people on this subject. There have already been some very good articles on this blog, but I am going to labour the point, because the rules are really quite simple, and it really is so important that they are followed.

Credit: Whaleoil

So here is my Dummies’ Guide to Free Speech:

  • Everyone has the right to say whatever they like, about whatever subject they like, as long as it doesn?t incite hatred or violence.
  • You don?t have to agree with what is said.
  • You don?t have to like what is said.
  • You don?t even have to listen to what is said.
  • The only thing you must do is allow it to be said.