What the halal certification fees in NZ are funding

Over ten million dollars have been raised by halal certification fees in just over five years to purchase many mosques in New Zealand, according to the Islamic State Watch?? New Zealand Facebook page. Quote.

Over the past decade and beyond, FIANZ has spent millions of dollars towards construction and purchase of new Masajids and Islamic Centres throughout all parts of New Zealand. Some of the recent examples are Taihape (Yes!), Taupo, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Upper Hutt, Feilding, Ashburton, Whangarei, Linwood ? just to name a few. End of quote.

The sole beneficiary of the halal certification rort (that is nothing more than?a licence to print cash) is the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, which has excluded from its organisation the only truly peaceful Islamic sect in New Zealand. While the Ahmadiyya Muslim community has to fund their own mosques and Islamic centres the other Muslim sects who are members of the federation have theirs substantially funded by the certification fees that pour into their coffers.

Imagine if all the Christian organisations in New Zealand said that Kiwi food and products could only be exported to Christian countries if it was Christian certified. Imagine if our slaughterhouses were forced to employ only Christians to slaughter the animals while saying the Lord’s prayer over them while facing Jerusalem?

Jakim confirms Cadbury Malaysia’s chocolates are halal

Imagine if the churches’ coffers were filled up every year by the ongoing passive income of fees paid simply for the privilege?of having a certificate on the wall that stated, for example, that their Watties baked beans were Christian certified because they were processed following the same standards of food preparation used in Jesus’s day.

Mosques, Muslim community centres and proselytisation (Dawah) are not the only things that the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand is spending money on from their halal-certification cash cow. Increasingly, they are wading into media jihad, cultural jihad and institutional?jihad.?I suspect that legal Jihad is just around the corner.

Phill Goff and anti-semitic, misogynist, hate-speech preacher Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib

Phil Goff and disgraced Imam Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib

We can only speculate as to why Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is so keen to protect the Muslim community from the hurtie feelings that free speech can cause those accustomed to living in Islamic countries where debate and criticism are not tolerated because free speech does not exist.

Digital image credit: Pixy
Hazim ‘Mussolini’ Arafeh

The head of the Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand, Hazim Arafeh, has attacked free speech, which is our most precious and important human right and the very foundation of our democracy. He has lobbied successfully for Phil Goff to ban conservative speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux from speaking in a public venue.

It now seems possible that the federation’s influence already reaches?into our government institutions as?Immigration New Zealand have prevented a prominent international human rights activist?and other humanitarian speakers from entering New Zealand. Like Lauren Southern, they hold views that are critical of “religious extremism“.

It is hard not to form the conclusion that the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand has in some way influenced Immigration New Zealand’s?unexpected decision. Even the most left-wing person would be struggling to think of a reason why these humanitarian speakers would be in any way objectionable. They certainly cannot be smeared as being alt-right, far right, racist or Nazis.

Everytime Kiwis purchase a halal-certified product they are being forced to fund these attacks on our democracy as well as funding the spread of a destructive ideology. We are drowning in evidence from overseas western countries that reveal with total clarity that we have already started down the road to Islamification.

Are we really going to continue to fund our own demise?