What you’re saying is racist

When you talk about Islam with non-Muslims they are likely to think that you are racist because they know so little about?Islamic supremacism. Most Westerners will try to defend Islam because they view what you’re saying through a filter of racism or bigotry. Their automatic response is to protect a group that they view through a filter of victimhood.

A good all-purpose response to any objection you get is to ask them how they learned about Islam as that?question is likely to reveal to both of you how little the other knows about Islam which is a good place to start.

Most people will not directly call you a racist but their objections to what you are telling them about Islam will often be coming from a perception that what you are saying is racist.

You should bring it up before they do as it is best to handle this particular objection sooner rather than later.

Here are some ideas to help you to counter this objection:

1. Make it crystal clear to the person that you agree with them that racism is wrong and then explain that racism has nothing to do with criticism of Islamic doctrine. Islam is not a race or an ethnic group. There are Muslims of every race and there are more non-Arab Muslims in the world than Arab Muslims.

Explain that we can help prevent racism and bigotry by making sure that everyone understands that Islam is a set of ideas, not a race. If people don’t understand the difference?racist people will react in a racist way if a terror attack happens in downtown Auckland. This is why it is so important to understand what Islam actually is.

2. Make a clear distinction between racism and criticism of Islamic doctrine.

If someone doesn’t?hire?a Muslim simply because the applicant is a Muslim, that is discrimination, and that’s a different issue. If someone beats up a Muslim because he’s a Muslim, that is a hate crime and is illegal, immoral, and should be punished.

3. Point out that in a free society like ours it is perfectly acceptable to criticize religious doctrines and political systems. No one calls us racist if we criticise the beliefs of various Christian churches and no one calls us racist when we criticise our government or any of the laws or ideas of our political parties. Point out that it is censorship to try to prevent a person from criticising the political ideology?contained in?the Quran.

4. Point out that orthodox Muslims?will not tolerate criticism of Islam and that the Quran itself calls for a death sentence for anyone who criticises Islam.

?Here is a great demonstration of why the racism charge is ridiculous.


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