When cows go bad

Credit: Kelly Hodel/ Stuff

Cows are fighting back.? They have wised up.? They know plans are afoot, to clean up farms and to remove them from our fields.? They are breaking free from their paddocks, and are making a pre-emptive strike against tyranny.

In the last week alone, there have been three attacks on vehicles. Sadly on all three occasions, it ended badly for the cow. Unfortunately, it didn’t end so well for the humans either. That’s what happens when cows go bad.

It’s happening in Canterbury.? Quote:

A cow is dead and a woman seriously injured after the vehicle she was driving struck the beast on a rural Canterbury road, then crashed through a fence and into a water tank.? End of quote.


A former mayor and his two passengers were lucky to escape serious injury after his Mercedes-Benz, travelling at about 100km/h, crashed into a cow.? End of quote.

And in Taranaki.? Quote:

An ambulance and a vet have been called?to a crash that has closed?a rural road in central Taranaki.

Police were alerted to a crash, where a black hatchback?had?hit a cow on Cardiff Rd, Stratford,?around 6pm on Tuesday. ? End of quote.

They are coming for us all.? Gary Larsen was right.

Credit: Gary Larsen

Credit: Gary Larson