When Winston Derangement Syndrome becomes terminal

Many in the National party suffer mild forms of Winston Derangement Syndrome. I know the signs; I used to suffer from it too.

I also found that not renewing my National party membership, and not joining any other party, alleviated this affliction very rapidly. Sadly, many in National are still dreadfully afflicted by this syndrome. It leads to irrational and non-joined-up political thinking.

You see it manifesting everywhere these days: when National party members scream that Winston cost them continuing government and that Winston is to blame for National being in opposition. They also hark back to slights against National from more than 20 years ago and it also clouds their ability to realise that our governments since 1996 have been formed under MMP.

Peter Goodfellow is the latest to succumb to the more terminal version: Quote:

National Party President Peter Goodfellow has mounted an attack on Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters, saying National had “dodged a whisky-swilling, cigarette-smoking, double-breasted and irrational bullet”.

Speaking at the National Party conference, Goodfellow said that in hindsight National had a lucky escape in Peters’ decision to side with Labour after the election last year and to send National into Opposition.?End quote.

Nick Smith has also succumbed, adding to his own existing issues: Quote:

Senior MP Nick Smith later echoed Goodfellow’s sentiments, saying his worst time in politics was when he was around the Cabinet table with Peters in the 1990s.

“Yesterday on the radio I heard the Green Party griping about eating dead rats. My message to them is get used to the taste.

It brought back bad memories. As much as I, like you, have been frustrated about the election outcome, I share the President’s view that our party dodged a bullet.”?End quote.

Why are Peter Goodfellow and Nick Smith still in their positions? You’d have thought Goodfellow would have had the good grace to resign after losing the election. But no, he still sits there. National have lost their way. Back in the day a losing president would have either fallen on their sword or been hung, drawn and quartered by a party that would have bayed for their blood.? Quote:

Goodfellow told the gathered members not to dwell on the outcome. “While it was not the will of the people or what we wanted, it is a reality we accept and we have moved on with determination not to be in Opposition too long.

We must learn the lessons of the last election but not dwell on what could or what should have been. The next election is, after all, only two years away.”

It comes after Peters took aim at National leader Simon Bridges this morning, predicting he would not be in the job for long and mocking him for what Peters said was a belated discovery that he was M?ori and liberal, advocating matters such as medicinal marijuana reform. End quote.

Goodfellow demonstrated the inability for the party to learn. They are sitting there hoping to win again using the same tactics next time. The arrogance remains and is unabated, and the fact that John Key was trotted out to endorse Simon Bridges shows just how little they have learned. Sadly, I think National will continue in opposition for a good long time yet.

Winston was baiting and the fools who lead National all took the bait. If they had ignored Winston there wouldn’t be the stupid headlines there are now showing that National have failed to learn from their experience.

Until National bother to actually address their loss and who was responsible for it they will continue to sit in opposition. Thankfully, Bill English and John Key are gone, but there are still others who need to atone for the loss. The co-chair of the campaign committee for one.