While Jordan and Colin are off to the Supreme Court it is now 398 days since my case finished in the High Court

Photo: Chris McKeen via Stuff

The Supreme Court has given leave so that both Colin Craig’s appeal and Jordan Williams’ cross-appeal can progress to the Supreme Court: Quote:

New Zealand’s highest court will allow challenges to a court’s ruling that $1.27 million in compensation for a man defamed by former politician Colin Craig was “excessive or wrong”.

New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union executive director Jordan Williams sued Craig, the former Conservative Party leader, for defamation after Craig, in 2015, delivered 1.6 million pamphlets criticising Williams to homes across the country and held a press conference.

Williams sought compensatory damages of $400,000 and punitive damages of $90,000 for the remarks against him, and a further $650,000 in compensatory damages and $130,000 in punitive damages for the leaflets.

Craig’s pamphlets, at a personal cost of more than $250,000, were in response to Williams’ allegation that Craig had sexually harassed his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor.

MacGregor had resigned just two days before the General Election in 2014 and later that year confided in Williams that Craig had sent her unsolicited letters, cards with?romantic poetry?and compliments about her physical appearance.

After a nearly four-week trial in the High Court at Auckland during 2016, a jury awarded Williams the full amount of his claim.

It was the largest amount awarded in damages for defamation in New Zealand’s legal history.

However, the Court of Appeal?ruled this year?that it was “satisfied that the jury’s award of both compensatory and punitive damages was excessive or wrong, and must be set aside accordingly.”

It suggested an appropriate amount would have been $250,000 for reparations and no more than $10,000 for punitive damages.

Today, the Supreme Court granted leave for Williams and Craig to appeal and cross-appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision. End quote.

Nice of NewstalkZB to expose themselves to a defamation action by republishing part of Colin Craig’s defamatory booklet. I wonder if they might like to apologise??Quote:

Craig is also waiting for a High Court decision by Justice Kit Toogood following a defamation trial last May between himself and Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater.

The former politician sued Slater for defamation for the same sexual allegations involving MacGregor, while Slater counter-sued Craig for what he said in the pamphlet and at the press conference. End quote.

We are still waiting. Today it is 398 days since the trial ended in courtroom 14 of the Auckland High Court. Ironically, Justice Toogood refused a jury trial on the basis that it would take too long. The trial took exactly the same time as the Williams vs. Craig trial, but at the end of that trial, Jordan Williams walked away with a judgment, since upheld in the Court of Appeal, that Colin Craig did actually defame him. They have been all the way to the Court of Appeal and now it is in the Supreme Court, all before the judgment in my case has been issued.

There is something badly wrong with the justice system when one is denied a jury trial on the basis of it taking too long and then, more than a year later, we are all still waiting.