Why has the NZ Media ignored the evidence against Helen Clark?

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New Zealand media yesterday were deliberately blind, deaf and dumb to the not one, not two but three pieces of evidence that show?that Helen Clark’s claim that she “had never heard of the man”?and didn’t know who Ray Avery was is false. The media would have made it front page news if the exact same evidence had been provided by a left-wing blog about the now ex-Prime Minister John Key so why are they silent about Helen Clark?

Exhibit (A) An original photo provided to Whaleoil of Helen Clark with Ray Avery

Ray Avery and Helen Clark
Photo Supplied to Whaleoil

Exhibit (B) A PDF that proves that Helen Clark and Sir Ray Avery were the Key Note speakers at a conference together.

Exhibit (C) A video that stars both Helen Clark and Sir Ray Avery that they both would have viewed after agreeing to be filmed for it.



Honestly, I don’t think any media organisation before has provided so much evidence to show that a political figure lied.

Media coverage of John Key: Quote.

Sir John Key’s story of how and why he canned a “mass surveillance” programme are at odds with official papers detailing development of the “Speargun” project.

The issue blew up in the final days of the 2014 election with Key?claiming the programme was long-dead and had been replaced?by a benign cyber-security system called Cortex.

Key always claimed the Speargun project to tap New Zealand’s internet cable was stopped in March 2013.

But new documents show development of Speargun continued after the time he had said he ordered a halt – apparently because the scheme was “too broad”. End quote.

-A newspaper

The media in the past happily covered stories alleging that John Key lied like the two examples above so why have they been so keen to smear and attack Sir Ray Avery and to protect Helen Clark?

It is a real puzzle and one that Oilers were discussing yesterday.

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