Win a MAGA cap: Mockery competition

We at Whaleoil?think that sometimes the best way to deal with activist groups that are anti-free speech like Auckland Peace Action and Tamaki Anti-Fascist Action?is to mock them. This competition is an invitation to?make a mocking meme or a funny digital image about either group.

If we have to start a Meme war in order to hold up a mirror to these activists then that is what we are prepared to do.

The prize you will all be competing for is a genuine Make America Great Again cap which is guaranteed to upset any anti-Trump or anti-America leftie within a 100-metre radius.

To inspire you here is the kind of mockery we are talking about…


Digital image credit: Paul

The winner will be decided by upticks and if there is a tie then Whaleoil’s editor Cam will make the final decision. Have fun dropping truth bombs and funny fact grenades. The competition closes once the comment section closes which will be in approx 48 hours time.