Winston lashes out against multiculturalism

Winston Peters is having a blinder as acting-PM. He’s told the sugar tax lobby to shove it, made the right noises on a number of other issues and now he is slamming multiculturalism😕Quote:

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters told talkback radio this morning that he stands for a “New Zealand culture”, not a “multitude of cultures”.

In the same interview, Mr Peters told NZME that he’s “never been politically correct” and argued with host Leighton Smith on the human impact on climate change.

Speaking on whether multiculturalism has “failed”, Mr Peters appeared to argue it has.

Well, let me tell you. There is one cultural thing we want developed in this country and that’s the New Zealand culture. That’s a unique culture that’s New Zealand,” Mr Peters said.

It’s not a multitude of cultures and a plethora rising up like mushrooms in this country.

No, we want a New Zealand culture. That’s what I’ve always stood for.

It’s a similar message to one he shared on Q+A in 2016. End quote.

And similar to Shane Jones heaping crap on top of a great big statue in Auckland. Quote:

Back then, he said, “[Immigrants] can come from anywhere in the world. It’s not race-based. We want them to salute our flag, respect our laws, honour our institutions and don’t bring anti-women attitudes with them.”

Mr Peters has long stood against so-called “mass immigration”, but has been much quieter on it since becoming Deputy Prime Minister. End quote.

I think Winston should mine this vein of votes hard. People are sick of immigrants coming here and then insisting we change our way of life to suit theirs. They’ve left their shitty countries with a plethora of issues, and yet when they get here they want to import the same shitty beliefs and cultures that they just fled.

We need a FIFO law for immigration. Fit in or Fuck off.