Winston wrong, there should be a fat-bastard tax instead

Winston Peters has been talking about reducing tobacco taxes, which have gotten so out of hand that they are now encouraging robberies.

When ciggies cost more than weed as a result of taxes then you know you have a problem. He was also asked about taxing unhealthy foods. The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters has unhealthy food in his sights, saying “consumption Nazis” should apply taxes to those to cut obesity.

Peters was speaking this morning about comments he made yesterday about excise on tobacco products and whether it worked to reducing smoking rates.

He disagreed with Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking that taxing tobacco products reduced smoking rates.

“If it’s a good idea, why aren’t we taxing massively certain foods, because the No.1 tsunami of health problems we’ve got coming is to do with obesity,” Peters said.

If we’re going to be consumption Nazis then why don’t we apply it to those sort of things as well.

Peters said he was not advocating for a sugar tax, but it worked in other countries.

“Do you know of a society that’s got a tsunami of obesity problems coming as bad our society. We’d be in the worst three in the world.” End quote.

We have an obesity problem because the health advocates have the food pyramid upside down and have done so since just after World War 2. We are also a nation of fat, lazy bastards.

We shouldn’t be taxing foods because then even skinny people and those with bodies like half-sucked Throaties will pay the tax.

What is needed is a fat-bastard tax, where only fatties pay.

Winston should campaign on this and make Gerry Brownlee, Nanaia Mahuta and Megan Woods spokespeople for it.