Wonderful news from Auckland Peace Action

Violent protests by visiting mob lead Berkeley to cancel speech by Milo Yiannopoulos

Valerie Morse’s activist group Auckland Peace Action has been at the centre of the anti-free speech news story of the de platforming of conservative speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux in New Zealand. This is the same group that planted a fake bomb inside a Wellington theatre this year, terrorising people wanting to view the documentary film?Ben-Gurion about?the former Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.

Their threats via press release from Morse indicated their intention to confront and harass the public and the Auckland council venue booked by the conservative Canadians. The activist group’s stated intention to protest was used by Goff as his justification for banning the speakers, claiming that it would be too much work for the police to protect the public and the venue from a violent left-wing activist mob like was seen in Australia outside a venue where Milo Yiannopoulos spoke.

Here on Whaleoil we have run a series of logo redesigns for the group mocking the fact that they do not live up to the peace in their name and also in reaction to them calling for the Free Speech coalition to be renamed the Hate Speech coalition.

Despite all the threatening rhetoric from Morse and her group my article yesterday revealed that they do not actually pose a credible threat. My analysis was confirmed when they made this public commitment to non-violent, peaceful protest on social media.

This is wonderful news as it destroys Goff’s justification for imposing a Heckler’s veto on the speakers. Now he can no longer use left-wing threats of violence as an excuse for his anti-free speech actions.

Auckland Peace Action to their credit is going to peacefully use their right to free speech to protest the right to free speech of conservatives. It is paradoxical but that is how it should be inside a truly free society. Left-wing activists like these should be allowed to peacefully protest my right to discuss issues and criticise ideas that control freaks like them do not want spoken about.

The question now is what will Goff do now that his weak excuse for banning the speakers has been taken away? Is he really going to deny law-abiding paying customers the right to express opinions that he personally is ignorant of but is against anyway?

This is not a battle that he can win and it is not a battle that we who support free speech in New Zealand can afford to lose.