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souse (verb) – 1. To plunge into a liquid.
2. To make soaking wet; drench.
3. To steep in a mixture, as in pickling.
4. (Slang) To make intoxicated.

(noun) – 1. The act or process of sousing.
2.(a) Food steeped in pickle, especially pork trimmings.
(b) The liquid used in pickling; brine.
3. (Slang) (a) A drunkard.
(b) A period of heavy drinking; a binge.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : (verb) Late 14th century, “to pickle, steep in vinegar,” from Old French sous “preserved in salt and vinegar,” from Frankish *sultja or some other Germanic source (compare Old Saxon sultia “salt water,” Old High German sulza “brine”), from Proto-Germanic *salt- (from PIE root *sal- “salt”).

(noun) Something steeped in pickle, especially “pig parts preserved and pickled,” mid-15th century, earlier “liquid for pickling” (late 14th century), from souse or from its French source.