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suborn (verb) – 1. To induce (a person) to commit an unlawful or evil act.
2. (Law) (a) To procure (perjured testimony): suborn perjury.
(b) To induce (a person) to commit perjury.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The Latin verb suborn?re, the ultimate source of English suborn, is composed of the prefix sub- ?under, subordinate, near to, partially, secretly? and the verb orn?re ?to prepare, equip, arrange.? Orn?re is from an assumed ordn?re, a derivative of the noun ord? (stem ordin-) ?line, row, rank, grade.? Suborn?re has several meanings: when the sense of the verb orn?re predominates, the compound means ?to supply, furnish; to dress up (in costume or disguise); when the sense of the prefix sub-, meaning ?secretly, covertly,? predominates, the compound means ?to instigate secretly or underhandedly, prepare clandestinely.? An extension of this last sense, ?to induce someone to commit a crime or perjury,? from suborner in Old and Middle French, is its current sense in English. Suborn entered English in the 16th century.