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bravura (noun) – 1. (Music) (a) Brilliant technique or style in performance.
(b) A piece or passage that emphasizes a performer’s virtuosity.
2. A showy manner or display.

(adj) – 1. (Music) Of, relating to, or being a brilliant performance technique or style.
2. Showy; ostentatious.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The noun bravura is still unnaturalised in English. The word is obviously Italian, ultimately derived from the adjective bravo, which French borrowed from Italian as brave (English brave comes from French). Further etymology of bravo is unclear: some claim it to be from an assumed Vulgar Latin brabus (Latin barbarus) ?barbarian? (Roman authors remarked on the impetuous bravery of Celtic and Germanic warriors). The Italian suffix -ura (-ure in French) comes from the Latin noun suffix -?ra. Bravura entered English in the 18th century.